Friday, October 12, 2007


I used them to open a box and dang it, I cut an inch long gash into my index finger.
It hurts to type now. Susie is going to see retribution in this, I suspect.

Oh, oh, it's also Lime's birthday!


S said...

Arms are crossed, foot tapping ground, tight smirk....

What did I tell you about abusing a pair of $45.00 scissors? What did I tell you?

Ok look, now just get a bottle of hydrogen peroxide and pour the entire thing on the cut...then take a piece of duct tape and while pressing the cut together, slap that tape on and dont take it of for about 3 weeks. That ought a save you about $196.00 for the doctor visit for stitches.

Dont say I didnt warn ya about abusing your tool.

cathy said...

susie's first aid tips sound as painful as your cut. My gran used to tell us to spit on it...ewww!

Seamus said...

Somehow, "duct tape" seems to be the right thing for our Logo to use on her cut!!! ;)

snowelf said...

Owie!! You're the second blogger today I read cut their finger open! I'm so sorry!!

Bad Scissors!!


Jocelyn said...

I vote for the duct tape! And also, some sort of sacrificial ceremony of the scissors. At the very least, hold them over an open flame, to show them who's boss!

Nessa said...

I don't think you are meant to use the scissors to cut yourself. That may be a misuse of the tool.

Dorky Dad said...

OW! Welcome to the club, Logo. Welcome to the club.

Gawpo said...

Oh, I am so sorry about your finger!!! How could left handed sizzzers do that to you? Don't you feel betrayed?




Gawpo said...


This `italian keyboard is driving me GNUTS!!!