Monday, October 29, 2007


Of all home improvement projects I most prefer painting. We decided to paint our breakfast room and so I went and got a sample of a shade of green that seemed to go well with the palette we are interested in using. After much contemplation and making friends and relatives evaluate colors I decided it was in fact, exactly the right color.

So finally the weekend arrived and I set the Things to scrubbing the walls. Then I painted the ceiling.

The color seemed a bit more minty than I'd intended but I tried my best to rely on bravado and just kept painting. After the ceiling was done I got started on the walls and what to my wondering eyes should appear...THEY MIXED THE WRONG COLOR!!!

That is supposedly the same paint.

Look different to you??

Then I checked the color I had just painted the ceiling. I stuck some on the correct sample color I'd used. You can see how the sample matched the swatch, but the ceiling color, I'd just spent hours applying...did not.After HOURS and HOURS,

a trip BACK to the home store,

redoing the ceiling,

and even a whole 'nother day I finally have the room mostly done.
Mr. Logo will be replacing the flooring next weekend, YAY!

Alright, I have to go now, the Aged Ps are coming to spend the night.


S said...

I like itttt!

wreckless said...

I love that color.
My wife and I picked out a green for our bedroom a few years back.
I said that looks quite bright, but...I was over-ruled.
It was a bright lime green, like crazy green. We (I) ended up painting it a more mossy lichen color.
Ahhh I love green. Thanks for the trip down memory lane.
Sorry about your green woes, but it does look very nice. I do love green.

TLP said...

Woe! I've been painting today also. And I'm tired. But since I've read your post, I've decided that I have no reason to complain!

Your room is lovely and I like the color. So sorry that you wasted time on the wrong paint...especially on the ceiling! I hate painting the ceiling...and you had to do over. I hope you made them give you your money back, plus free paint in the correct color. If not, it's not too late to go back and talk to the manager.

Hobbes said...

At least this didn't happen to you.
I like the color you picked.

lime said...

i may have had to hurt the paint people. i like painting but i don't like having to redo it quite so soon.

groovy color though!

chosha said...

How frustrating. That fresh green is prettier than the minty one.

furiousBall said...

great color, i'm a big fan of greens. i even root for the eagles because of it (joking...not funny, but joking)

Nessa said...

Pretty color. Green's my favorite.

snowelf said...

Your breakfast room looks awesome regardless of what color it is, what a great space!! But what a nuisance--although it was totally worth the wait, cause the color is fantastic.


Bsoholic said...

Oh man I bet that was frustrating. Final product looks good though, and you got a story out of it. haha! :P

tsduff said...

Nice greens - all of them in fact ;)

I also have a tough time with painting

Real Live Lesbian said...

Pretty Pretty!!!! I lurve green!