Tuesday, October 02, 2007

What day is it?

My normal level of confusion with the whole keeping track of the calendar thing is badly exacerbated by the fact my normal routine had been completely done away with over the last week. Between the Things getting ill and then going to see my sister my sense of groundedness in the I was thinking today was Monday, then I was thinking it was Wednesday...somehow Tuesday got skipped DESPITE the fact it's the right answer. Thankfully, I have a Mint Chocolat™ phone to tell me the date and time and take calls from Mr. Logo informing me about what I am suppose to be doing and why, and how, etc.
Anyway... on Saturday we went to an apple orchard and picked about 65 pounds of apples. We also made our own cider which was delicious!
We also stopped to take a picturesque walk along some train tracks. Because I grew up on an island I didn't have any tracks to play on as a kid and there aren't any in the area we live now either. We had a good time and no one fell into the river so it was officially a fabulous excursion.
The six hour drive home was completely uncomplicated. We made really good time and even managed to get to Seattle around 2:30 just as Mr. Logo was getting out of a meeting and so he joined us on our way home. He even drove for the last hour while I took a nap.
The Aged Ps joined us for dinner, Mr. Logo made a pork loin roast with apples and rice and some yummy asparagus. I made an apple pie for dessert, mmmm.
It was a lovely trip and it is so nice to be home.
Now, what was I suppose to be doing?


tsduff said...

I knew you'd have a wonderful time on your trip! It sounds more fun than I thought - love your pictures in the orchard and on the tracks. *sigh* what a lovely little virtual trip you just shared with me. Thanks!

lime said...

cider, mmmmmmmmmmm...

did you put coins on the track for the train to smush? did yougo back to collect them later?

cindra said...

Yay! You had fun. I want some of that cider.

You like your chocolat? i hated mine and gave it to my daughter.

Have a lovely day on this TUESDAY!

Diesel said...

You know what's sad? These days I tell the day of the week by my blog posting schedule. Not posting on Monday totally threw me off.

S said...

Oh man, thanks now Hannah wants a razr or a chocolate or something expensive like that ack!

Glad you had fun...65 pounds of apples is only about 120 apples ..:P

actonbell said...

Ah, it's wonderful when life just happens so perfectly. This sounds like a delightful day, beginning to end. Great pictures--looks like a lovely fall there.

Bsoholic said...

Looks like a good vacation. I could go for some fresh apples. Yum!

Candace said...

What an awesome excursion! I'm making lots of appley things, too, since we went about 3 weekends ago. And lately I have a very hard time remebering what day it is. Or month. :-P

Keep us updated on your apple creations. :)

Nessa said...

Yum, apple pie. We're going to an Apple Cheese Festival this weekend. There will be cheese and wine and apple dumplings with vanilla ice cream.

Just so you know, it is now Wednesday.

furiousBall said...

Y'all are gettin' jiggy wid da autumnal equinox

wreckless said...

hmm....what were you supposed to be doing-bequeathing your motorcylce to me-yea that's it.

VE said...

You were supposed to swing by Portland and leave me a slice of apple pie

Logophile said...

Terry~ I enjoyed sharing your trip too!

Lime~ The tracks there are only used during harvest so we didnt do coins.

Cindra~ Was a great trip, and yes, I love my Chocolat, its all true.

Diesel~ See? and those of us who dont keep a blog schedule are totally out of luck! Hope yer feeling better

Susie~ Yeah yeah, apple pie for everyone!

Logophile said...

Actonbell~ It was a great day and the kids got to have pizza as well so just about perfect as far as they were concerned! We mostly have evergreens over on this side of the mountains but over there the fall colors were gorgeous!

BS~ Fresh apple cider with rum :D

Candace~ Can you believe its October already? Holy cow, what happened??

Nessa~ That sounds amazing, I wanna come!

Furiousball~ Yes, getting jiggy is one of my talents, hold me back!

Wreckless~ I might LOAN it to you, for about 10 minutes, but that's about it:p

VE~ I'll be there weekend after next, and there will be no apple ANYTHING left.