Monday, July 09, 2007

Good things come to those...

who say, forget waiting, get your ass up here NOW and visit me again!! Especially if they have a sweet and accomodating friend like I do :D

So my Susie Quoo is coming back to Seattle to see me again! Yay!!
Last time she was here I could only get her to the base of the Space Needle. This time she tells me she is going to be brave and make it to the top. Also on the hit list; the Seattle Library to take some photos in the red hallway, the new and improved Seattle Aquarium, the SAM and the Woodland Park Zoo. Well, she might not be able to squeeze all that in, but she is going to try.
Anyway, enough about how cool it is for her to use all her very hard earned money, that she has slaved away to earn, hours and hours over her sewing machine only to spend it all on a wild weekend with yours truly.
Instead we will now discuss how much I love her. True, I only drive an hour to meet her after she has endured San Fransisco traffic, airport security nightmares, crowded planes and public transportation to get here but that does NOT mean I don't sacrifice too!
I make the ultimate sacrifice a woman can make everytime she comes up here.
Because, frankly, she appears to have the hots for my sleeping companion.
Every single time, ok, she grabs him and molests him. Phil is MINE but this is how much I love Susie, I let her touch my body pillow.
And BOY, does she take advantage of that!


S said...

Ohhh Phil! I've missed you so~ I cannot wait to steal you away from Logo...maybe we'll even get to spend an entire night together this time... wink wink....

Phil, and giant font for the visually impaired, what more can I ask for?

brookem said...

have fun with your susie quoo!

Doug said...

You all have fun. If I hear of two women dancing dirty on top of the space needle, I'll have suspicions.

neva said...

ah... i believe i remember the fun you two had last year! here's hoping Susie is able to say "hello Seattle!" from top of the needle and/or is willing to wave "adios!" to Phil, once she heads back for home!

can't wait to hear about all your happy adventures! ; ) xox

Em said...

If that is her with your pillow, she is having her way with it!

Rusty Nails said...
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Rusty Nails said...

Mr. Logo sacrafices the most. You failed to mention that.
Really, he does! Just so ya'll can go have crazy girl time w/o kids, etc. And, sometimes he foots a good portion of the bill! What a giver. He's a good man.

Have a good time :)

S said...

Yep, it's me with her pillow!

lime said...

WAAAHHHH!!!!!! again? i am sooooo overcome with envy!
terribly so.

i'd molest phil too though, hehehehe

lime said...

in spite of all that i hope you guys have fun

ARM said...

That is too cute!!! How exciting that you get to see each other again! I love it.

goldennib said...

You are the best friend ever, to give up your body pillow. I don't know if I could do that.

S said...

Rusty, I'm springing for the whiskey this time!

And yes, you AND Mr Ratburn are the bestest husbands in the entire world!

PS Phil is too short for me, I prefer my pillows tall, like my men.

TLP said...

What a beautiful smile she has!

Man, she is INTO that pillow.

Logophile said...

Susie~ You are lucky I love you so much!

Brookem~ Thanks, should be a great weekend! I am soooo looking forward to it.

Doug~ Never fear, we tell of our our best antics right here.

Neva~ Oh she's going up, even if I have to hold her bottle of Gentleman Jack hostage :p

Em~ I know, she is shameless, innit cute?

Mr. Logo~ Aww, don't worry, there will be a whole post later about how awesome you are stay home and keep the babies alive while I'm out partying with my best gal downtown. Baby, you the best, mwah

Susie~ Try not to sound so pleased with yourself.

Lime~ WEEEEELL! Get out here!! But leave my pillow alone. mwah!

Arm~ Its very cool, Im so excited.

Goldennib~ I only let her cuddle with him, he sleeps me.

Susie~ You are right, they are pretty great.

TLP~ She is a cutie pie but she better take it easy with Phil.

Blue the Spa Girl said...

Hope you guys have a great time!
Body pillows are the only way to fly!

Breazy said...

I wish you ladies lots of fun! I think it would be so cool to meet some blogger friends and I hope to do just that one day!

S said...

Ok Lime can come, but I get Phil~

bsoholic said...

Awesome! Good luck Susie, and have fun logo! :)

wish I could crash your parties...

Dorky Dad said...

You let her touch your body pillow? Now that IS friendship.

Are you guys going to throw fish? I heard that's what they do in Seattle: throw fish and drink coffee.

The Grunt said...

Uh-oh, you two are trouble!

S said...

i throw fish
she drinks coffee

Anonymous said...

I need a pillow like that!

Diesel said...

Does Susie not put her left sleeve on because the ink is still drying on the tattoo?

S said...

Phil was undressing me, diesel!

Logophile said...

Blue~ I always bring Phil with me, even to the girl's weekends, Mr. Logo is jealous.

Breazy~ Oh yes, its a blast, when are you coming out here to throw fish and drink coffee?

Susie~ You can BORROW Phil, on occasion, if you are nice to me.

BS~ No need to crash, anytime you are available we will plan the party around you!

Dorky Dad~ I'm a good friend :p

Grunt~ Oh, you know its true!

Susie~ Do you like watching me drink coffee as much as I like watching you throw fish?

Wreckless~ Everyone needs a pillow like that!

Diesel~ There are things we just don't ask about.

Susie~ Ohhhhhh sure, ok, why not. Its your story, tell it how you like :p