Sunday, July 22, 2007


Family and friends have noted on occasion that I have a tendency to overthink things.
Mr. Logo has the ability to just shrug and say, "I guess that's just the way it is."
I want to know why, and how, and does it always happen that way? If not, what causes the alteration. Is the noted difference actually causational or just correlational?
We've been married almost 17 years and these days, especially if we are discussing things of a theoretical or spiritual nature, he tends to recognize the point at which it's unlikely that an unequivocal answer is going to be forthcoming and will look at me and say,
"FM, baby, it's just FM."
FM is something he learned in an electrical engineering class. When you are discussing the properties of the natural world there comes a point when there is no longer a why; it's just the way it is.
Why do neutrons do that?
They just do.
Mr. Logo's instructor then introduced the bottom line explanation to all these matters.
"It's fucking magic, ok!?"
So whenever we have reached the point in a conversation when he feels there is no more why that needs to be discussed he invokes the ultimate answer.
Sometimes, there is no more why,
it's just FM, baby.


S said...

I think Rusty is onto something.....

Anonymous said...

I like the FM idea.
I would give God the credit however.

lime said...

ya know, i can overthink at times....but yeah...if i could contain in my itty bitty brain the one thing the universe cannot contain...he would cease to be god. (even though i still try) sometimes it is indeed FM

The Grunt said...

I'll buy that for a dollar.

G said...

Wow, that's a lifesaver. Especially in dealing with a child like the Girl that I have. Of course I'll have to change that FM meaning a bit. Fancy Magic baby!

bsoholic said...

Ha! I'll have to remember that one! Nice one.

Candace said...

I learned about FM in Tech School. I guess it was easier than explaining things to some of the dunderheads.

But I haven't used it in a long time.

Harry Potter, though. Now THAT'S FM.

So is being able to get a word verif right on the first try. :)

ARM said...

My dad used to say that, too. And is an electrician. What is it wth techs? Sheesh!

Balou said...

That one's added to the vocab!

Gawpo said...

Wow. I love that. What Mr. Logo learned---that it is just FM sometimes. At first it made me think of Frequency Modulation. But when I think about it, Frequency Modulation is like that, too. It's just Fucking Magic. I mean, the carrier is self-quieting and even the heterodyne is way different from your AM. Ya know?