Sunday, March 18, 2007

It is finished.

A somewhat fictionalized shopping trip with Logo and the esteemed elder sister...

Logo~ "Look, a clearance rack!"
EES~ "Oh, for the love of... you do realize all that is out of season or out of fashion, right?"
Logo~ "Chick, it's Washington! I can wear a sweater 9 months of the year."
EES~ "...sigh..." (Looks at nearby racks of just-released-to-video stuff, or whatever they call the clothing equivalent of same)
Logo~ "Look at this, it's only $1.99!!"
EES~ "Yes, I can see why."
Logo~" I think I like this, what do you think?"
EES~ "No, I don't like it and neither do you. Stacy and Clinton are crying right now, crying! Put that back and step away from the sale rack."
Logo~ "But..."
EES~ "Look at this lovely pink novelty top with an empire waist and puffy sleeves, this would look great on you."
Logo~ "The Logo does not wear pink."
EES~ "You will however refer to yourself in the third person with a definite article?"
Logo~ "Yes, the Logo will definitely do that."
EES~ "...sigh..." (eyeroll)
While the esteemed elder sister is distracted, looking at something incredibly tasteful and up-to-date,
Logo sneaks to the other side of the clearance rack and starts collecting clothes.
Booty for the day:
Red, creme, brown, and grey long sleeve teeshirts,
Green long sleeve button down shirt,
Brown and black short sleeve casual tops,
Green plaid jammies,
Blue and red mock turtleneck sweaters,
Light blue and dark blue mohair blend sweaters,
Black suit with red accents
Retail value $380 before tax; I paid $75 after tax.
Despite not liking to shop, this sort of thing appeals to my innate sense of cheapness.
All hail the sales rack! If one must shop the clearance rack makes it worthwhile.

Not too long ago someone made the mistake of telling me I look good in blue.
How important is moderation, really?

I recently realized my one pair of jammies (a Christmas gift from the esteemed elder sister, 2002) were threadbare and ragged, to the point of being see-through, clearly it was time to replace them. About the same time I realized the number of shirts I possessed which could be comfortably worn in public was down to two, courtesy of a paint smear.
(On the pro side, this means I have a new painting shirt. The previous model sported colors from our first house, seen here in its splotched and mottled glory.)
As a child I was taught this general rule; one for the wash, one for now, one for the drawer. This would mean you should have three of each clothing item, but if you have a laundress like mine (SLACKER!!) you might need a few extras (one for the dirty laundry pile, one for the washer, one for the dryer, one for the laundry basket waiting to be folded, one for now).
I have noticed a certain parallel between the shopping habits of the OCD and those disinclined to shop.
Both tend to purchase multiples of the same item. If I find an item on sale that I like I will buy it in every color on the rack. Anyway, I thought I was all set. I have all the clothes I should need for like, 3 years or so, score!
guess what happened today, go ahead, guess.
I noticed my foot was hurting and when I removed my boot, the reason became clear. The inside sole of the boot was all munched. The boots are about 5 years old, so I guess that is pretty good; however, my black shoes which serve in the same capacity (casual to semi-dressy) ALSO are about dead.
Do you know what this means??
I am going to have to go shoe shopping. There are times when sneakers are just not going to cut it. Sigh…

Oh, by the way here is the finished entryway, ooo lala.

And just in case you missed it, here it is in its former...hideousness.


barefoot_mistress said...

Yes the hallway looks lovely, and should aunt Martha trip and spill her urn of squash soup in your foyer, yes thats foyer, noone will be the wiser.

Your sisters kids are named Stacy and Clinton?

EES~ "...sigh..." (Looks at nearby racks of just-released-to-video stuff, or whatever they call the clothing equivalent of same)
Logo~ "Look at this, it's only $1.99!!"
EES~ "Yes, I can see why."

Ok Im really dying here! You crack me up!

Mr. Fabulous said...

I like that post in the painting shirt. You could totally be one of those Price is Right girls.

Or you could even work boat shows!

lime said...

the entryway is gawjus! and i also hate shopping, but get excited over a sale rack. i hate paying full price. you must not get rid of the old painting shirt until it falls off you in tatters.

DaMasta said...

Suze - Stacy and Clinton from WHAT NOT TO WEAR!! Only the most hiiilarious fashion show EVAH! :)

Logo, I LOVE to shop.. love love love LOVE it! But I still shop like you! o_O??? When I find something I like (usually black slacks) I buy fifteen thousand pairs of them. Okay, I only have two pairs right now, but this weekend I went shopping b/c Lane Bryant only puts out black slacks during the fall (ok, black slacks are like my ONLY staple regarding work clothes and apparently according to LB, ppl only wear work clothes during the fall/winter.. gah!) and they were having their fall clearance sale (so i must stock up, right?). So I bought one more pair of black slacks (i have three total that look exactly alike) and they also had Bermuda length of the SAME black pants, so of course I got two pair.

We're not crazy, we're just consistant. ;)

Balou said...

The balou would like shopping with the logo. They could do some major damage to the clearance racks. The balou also frequents the local second hand shop for more treasures. Does the logo?

Stacy and Clinton should be happy there are people like us out there. They would be out of work if everyone dressed the same, um, I mean fashionably. Don't you just cringe when someone spends $400 for a pair of jeans on that show?

The foyer looks lovely! Can't wait to see what the dining room transforms into. Have fun!

Seamus said...

Love the entry way!!! Got a Texas project coming, need work??? ;)

Diesel said...

"Yes, the Logo will definitely do that."

That's hilarious.

BTW, there is no way you should ever wear pink or anything else in the red spectrum with hair like that.

Gawpo said...

Fab is right; Diesel is right; I am correct: You go to boat shows, hand out flyers for your new reality show, "Painted Shut" and then get the consignment to completely redo Pink's mansion.

It all comes together in the wash, Baby.

Logophile said...

Susie~ Yes, my foy-yay LOVES squash soup. Stacy and Clinton are box people, not this box, the other box. What is the name for brand new stuff? There is a term for that, right?

Mr. Fab~ Wow, you mean I could stand around for hours and hours under hot lights with my arms out? Golly, what a great time that would be!

Lime~ Too late, its gone. I'm very rarely sentimental about clothes. They serve their purpose and then they are outta here. The only exception is my gramma's pink sweater, the boots I wore to my wedding, and the teeshirt from the Italian school I worked at. I don't wear or discard those items.

Damasta~ There ya go! THAT Stacy and Clinton, and consistency is good, right? :p

Balou~ Oh yes, I have hit a Goodwill or two in my time, ooooh yes. Thing One (the older one) is finally at the age where I can find stuff for him again at the thrift shops. From about size 5-size 10 you can't find clothes for them, but at this age they get picky and the racks are great. $400 jeans, OMG!! Some of the stuff on that show, just crazy. I know $5,000 is alot of money but yikes.

Seamus~ You paying for the airfare? If so, I am so there, I will even bring my own brushes. :D

Diesel~ Thank you for backing me up on that pink issue. I shall cite you as a supporting source next time I refuse to wear it.

Gawpo~ Are you suggesting I mix my white and colors in the laundry? That is one step away from mayhem, dude, total anarchy! Dogs and cats sleeping together!!

Jocelyn said...

The entry looks grand.

I love a sale, too, and I am anxiously awaiting a detailed rundown of your shoe shopping. Don't make me beg.

goldennib said...

Your shopping math would make my mother proud. She will pull something froma shopping bag and ask, "Guess how much I paid for this?"

Beautiful new entrance way.

Logophile said...

Jocelyn~ Thank you kindly, ma'am, for your compliments on the entryway. We keep looking at it and being all pleased with ourselves. Shoe update when I finally force myself out to shop again. Unfortunately, it's going to have to be soon.

Goldennib~ Tee hee, my mom taught me not to go around announcing how much I paid for things but there are times when good news just MUST be shared. I do this to poor Mr. Logo (enter wearining new item),
"See this $40 sweater? Guess how much I paid for it!"
I have to tell you it took a long time for him to get to $1.99

Dorky Dad said...

Nice entryway, and I'm with you on the shopping. I like getting stuff late in the year when it's cheap and you can still wear it.

yerdoingitwrong said...

Your entry way looks REALLY good.

I'm not a big shopping fan in general, but I love me some shoe shopping!!!!! =)

The Grunt said...

Paint shirts are in fashion? This just opened up more wardrobe options for me.

Logophile said...

Dorky dad~ Exactly, and then you can wear it the year after that, and the year after that and...

Annie~ Thanks! I actually like it less because you have to try EVERYTHING on, your size in one brand or style means nothing. I get tired of it after about the third pair. Which means I either have to go often or power through. Sigh, wanna go shopping for me?

Grunt~ NO, you can only wear them to paint! Oh, or go to the hardware store, oh, or bum around the house, but that's IT!!

snavy said...

Where is my comment??

I left one here last night!!!

Ggggrrrrr blogger!!!

I asked if I could go shopping with you next time and that I loved the hallway.

Logophile said...

Snav~ You can go as long as you don't drag me all over the place, mission shopping only! And thank you, darling mwah!

Candace said...

Oooooh, GAWJUSSSSS entryway. Wowza!!

Like The Logo, I, too, love a good bargain. :)

Logophile said...

Candace~ Thank you, glad you like it and who DOESN'T like a good bargain, eh? I just prefer them when they are very easy to find.

met2morf said...

The Ministry of Information would like to state for the record that the portrayal of the EES was grossly fictional. While she is even more witty than her character in the "IT IS Finished" highly fictionalized screenplay of an actual event, she would like to say that her office has long been on record supporting the difference betweent finding a sale item onjectionable and finding a sale objectionable. She has also long been on the record opposing the use of the third person in referneces to oneself as grandiose and potentially schizo, as well as refuting them as a a defense strategy for the war on style. God bless America.

Logophile said...

Dear Ministry of propaganda~ Your objections are hereby recognized and completely disdained. While referring to oneself in the third person may on occasion lend itself to grandiosity referring to oneself as an entire department AND in the third person clearly telegraphs a break with reality on a scale hitherto unrealized. I shall bless America when I am damn good and ready