Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Congrats to the winners of last week's quiz.
Neva and the Grunt got 100, wow!
Well done you two.
We also had a Cunning Stunts at 90,
I would give linkage if I had the URL.
In local news, it is 68 degrees and overcast...
aaaaaaah, now THAT'S what I'm talkin bout!
This is where I would post a pic if Blogger was cooperating,
alas and alack.
Oh well, here's
Go HERE and vote for The Belle of the Brawl!!


Breazy said...

Hey Logo! Just wanted to stop in and say hi since I just returned from our beach trip! Happy Tuesday !

Crystal said...

wow. i haven't felt this bad about myself since i was in college!


neva said...

well, here i was feeling all smart and smug... until i took THIS quiz...and got 70%. yeesh. talk about reversible brain power (nod to doug's word today). isn't that supposed to work the other way around? shouldn't i be getting smarter as i get older (even if it's only by a week?) sigh

oh well! clearly i just got lucky last week... but ya know what? i'll take it, 'cuz with my luck, it might very well be the last time that ever happens!! xox

Fred said...

You must be the only area in the country not having a heat wave. Lucky you.

lime said...

blogger has been quite twitchy lately. on the upside, you are not sweating to death and i got an 80

Callie said...

This post was not here earlier!!!!

Damn blogger!!!!

Logophile said...

Breazy~ Welcome back!

Crystal~ Don't you worry your cute head about it lil lady. BTW, kicked the Audi guy's ass yet?

Neva~ Ya never can tell how it's going to go, 70 is NOT bad though.

Fred~ We had ours, it was over 90!!

Lime~ Twitchy, huh? That is ONE way to put it :p
Good job on the 80, you rock!

Callie~ Now you better offer something to appease the blogger, the cruel and capricious bringer of blogs, don't anger it!!

Sar said...

Whoa!!! Where did my comment go?

I wonder if I had to many blogger comment post windows open and some other blog is wondering why I left a comment on their site saying I have to words for them (So Jealous!) and wishing the lovely ladies and muscle a fun time. Wow, and they must really be wondering why I said that coffee looks heavy and I personally prefer mine light.

If anyone sees this missing comment of mine elsewhere do let me know; this is really going to bother me!

goldennib said...

Oh, I'm improving. Got a 60 this time.