Thursday, July 20, 2006

The end of an era

Here you see the face of a very happy man.

"Why so happy?" you might ask if blatantly prompted to do so.
Well, there are a couple interconnected reasons.
Today was Mr. Logo's last day at his current job.
This means he will no longer be requiring the clothes.
This mean he can throw away his white shoes.
There are few men in the US who willingly own or wear white dress shoes.
Mr. Logo is definitely not one of them.
In celebration of the last day and the departure of the hideous shoes
we went out for Thai.
In honor the the momentous nature of the occasion I wore not only my wedding ring
(which I more often than not leave in my jewelry box)
but also my mother's ring, a bracelet, a necklace, an anklet, a toering AND earrings!
I did however, leave the lip plate at home.
I realized, while we were waiting for dinner,
that I was going to have to post a pic of the necklace for my pal

See, like my Canadian twin,
the featured guest today on Belle of the Brawl,
no matter where I am, I keep thinking of my blog pals.
And Yes,
Susie, Lime, Snav, Idiot, Egan, Doug, Monika, Grunt, Lily, Erica, Guggs, Vera, Seamus, Crystal, Candace, Mirielle, Pants, Fred, Vanessa, and all you other wonderful and thoughtful commenters,
I think of you too.
And I smile.


goldennib said...

Cool shoe charm. I think of you, too. Congrats to Mr. Logo.

weirsdo said...

I dont see my name on you're list!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
If you wake up in a full boddy cast the Blochalella Foundation some time and I come visit, dont jump up and ax ME for my autograff!!!!!

neva said...

congrats to mr. logo... hope you two had a fabulous celebration last night... of course, in that necklace, how could you miss! xox

lime said...

mr logo looks as happy as i was to burn my stats textbook at the end of the semester. in fact, i think he should have a ceremonial burning of the shoes. maybe save it for festivus and the airing of complaints or the next solstice bonfire. just a thought. one should be able to completely savor the purging experience.

very lovely necklace too! i;m sure you were gawgeous dahlink!

Sar said...

Congrats to Mr. Logo and his lovely wife with the faaaaaaaabulous necklace charm!!! I'm honored that on your special evening out you took the time to think of lil ole me. Mwah! :)

And Lime, while I would ordinarily never be a proponent of burning shoes (*shudder*), I have to say, I wholeheartedly agree with you - burn the the white shoes!

G said...

Ah Pansi move over; it's like Romper Room all over again! Well firstly a question - why the white shoes? Secondly - a compliment - lovely indeed what we see of you. Hope you enjoyed your Thai.

DaMasta said...

i think about you too. i do i do.

i hope whatever mr logo did wearing white shoes, he did before labor day.

snavy said...

Yay Mr. Logo!!

Mr. Snavy kept the uniform and squidly hat - his mom used it as a Halloween costume - the cracker jack kid! He doesn't know but I have it up in my closet.

I love your necklace - you are just so funky!!


Lily said...

Oh I love that necklace! I MUST get one.. it's the only way I'll ever be able to wear heels again.

hey... Logo... guess what I'm thinking...

Congrats to Mr. L... I think you should paint the shoes and display them on that table of yours.

Seamus said...

So the job was like a boat - happiest days are the day you get and the day you get rid of it!!!!!!!!!
We're glad you smile when you think of us!!!!!!! :)

barefoot_mistress said...

I think you ought to save white shoes for when hes been naughty and make him wear them!


Congrats, Mr Logo!

Logophile said...

Goldennib~ Thanks!

Pansi~I couldn't possibly just put you and your clan in the middle of a list like that! You deserve your very own post, or maybe a whole blog!

Neva~ It's true, the shoe even made the food taste better, was a very good evening.

Lime~ We can't burn those, toxic fumes from the manmade materials and such you know.

Sar~ It's sad, isn't it? Those shoes are a travesty. Mr. Logo gets to hear quite a bit about various online friends and when I said, "Oh I should post a pic of this!" He knew exactly who it would be for.

G~ "Anchors aweigh, my boys, anchors aweigh..." and thanks!

Damasta~ He did it year round, but the white shoes only made their appearance after Labor Day, they are very fashion conscious.

Snavy~ He is planning to keep the dark one, but there is no excuse for that white mostrosity with the huge ass hat, what on earth were they thinking??

Lily~ Dang, woman, when you think about me like that, I get all flustered (wink wink). It is a pretty fun necklace, I need to get more funky ones, they are more fun to wear. Those ugly-ass shoes are NOT going to be in my family room.

Seamus~ Very much like a boat, and how could I not smile?

Bare~ I love him too much for that, I will just psychologically torture him, it's kinder.

Kyahgirl said...

That's a very funny picture. Congrats to Mr. Logo on the end of the white shoe era! What the heck kind of job requires white shoes anyway?

Your necklace is so cute.
I think of you all the time too sis. :-)

RennyBA said...

My congrats to Mr. Logo! and a very lovely necklace too:-)

Egan said...

Civilian Life is back!! Congrats to Mr. Logo for putting the white shoes aside. That's great news as witnessed by the beaming smile on his face. Hip hip horray!

Sar said...

Lady Logo, as part of my ongoing Sar Tour, I've just delcared it a personal mission to have a ladies outing with you in Seattle and wear your stiletto necklace. Mr. Logo won't mind if I steal you away then will he, I mean since he virtually knows me and all. :D

Speaking of outings, your presence is requested madam. Oh and everyone else here too!

The Grunt said...

Burn ze white shoes! Burn!!! This is how Gloria Steinem must've felt burning her bras.

Candace said...

OMG, how did I not pick up on your being married to a squid?!?!?

My dh is an ex-Zoomie, you know. And I'm ex-Air Guard.

I'm so glad he was a squid and not a male prostitute/lounge lizard.

So now what? Does he have a stint in the inactive reserve? And what will he do as a civilian? And wait a minute? How did he get away with those mutton chops? Oh yeah, squids can have beards, so maybe. . .

I sure hope the celebration included some deep sea diving on Mr. Logo's part. ;-)

Logophile said...

Kyahgirl~ The kind where they mistreat you and its considered patriotic.

Renny~ Thank you! And thanks for popping through again, good golfing weather?

Egan~ Yes, now he must find a new oppressor, I mean employer, but thanks for the congrats, and yes, he looks insanely happy about the whole thing, doesn't he?

Sar~ Deal! We will definitely have a girl date, bitch pop and heels, here we come! I am so there, hanging on the Lido deck!

Grunty~ They are gone, and there is great rejoicing.

Candace~ He saves his manwhoring for our private parties, the pay sucks but the benefits are great (snicker snicker). The muttonchops were featured during vacation time, that is how that worked. Yes, he will be inactive reserves for a while and is hunting down new employment.

Crystal said...

cool necklace! i bet you totally got laid for wearing that.

G said...

Ahhh. anchors away. be gone white shoes be gone!

Güggs said...

white shoes? that's not hot. and no, i've never seen a happier man. nice pic.

Logophile said...

Crystal~ I so totally did :D

G~ You know it, girl, wooo hooo!

Guggs~ The man's passionate hatred of those shoes probably has a symbolic element to it, but still, it was fun to see.

DaMasta said...

no no no.. before labor day.. before!