Tuesday, July 11, 2006

For the last quiz our winners, tied at 90 were...
Mr. Logo
An Idiot on a half shell.

Thank you to those who donated questions, your generosity will be rewarded, with higher scores!
My darling Ice Queen requested a picture of Old Faithful,
here it it!
And now...
time for the Quiz!
Good luck and don't Google.
BTW, did you know if you get black and purple paint all over your hands and arms you can get all kinds of sympathy?


The Grunt said...

Yes, even if you have Polar Bear White splattered all over your Dickies you get sympathy, too.

goldennib said...

I am nothing if not consistent. I got another 50.

Sar said...

Are you ready for this? Are you sitting down? I got 70! Wheeeeeeeee!

*Hugs* Um, that purple & black paint is dry now, right? ;)

Kat said...

So I should have had some caffiene before trying this.

barefoot_mistress said...

Off to do quiz but first I must tell you that when I had my dyeing company, everytime we did purple dye, i'd get stains all over my arms, and it did look just like bruises....people used to think I was a beaten woman! LOL

OK quiz time and I know I will get ONE right at least! LOL

barefoot_mistress said...

Sure you got stuff for the winners, but what about the whiners?

I got 60%! :P

The Village Idiot said...

well done Sar, however my coffee must be stronger than yours.

And logo, it was some dude named bernoulli that figured out lift among other things.

weirsdo said...

Im not suprized about the paint!!!! For the last time, it gos on the BUTTUX!!!!

Seamus said...

More sympathy than "red" paint?

Sar said...

Damn, beaten by the idiot again! And for the record, I did not have my first cup of coffee until after taking the quiz. Nonetheless, game on, VI! *wipes tear* just like the old days.

Logo, stand by for a plethora of shoe-oriented questions! I am the shameless queen afterall. ;)

The Village Idiot said...

Bring it ms spikey heel, my spikey head will challenge all comers!

Brings a tear to this flinty old eye

Logophile said...

Grunt~ Honey, isn't there a man class to teach you how to keep your dickies of the paint?

Goldennib~ You are amazing!

Sar~ 70! Fabulous, and yes, not only is the purple and black dry, it has now been joined my blue, green and red. So festive!

Kat~ Aw, did you at least have fun?

Susie Whiner~ For you? A big steaming helping of...mashed potatoes.

Idiot~ Yeah yeah, we know, you are like, all clever and stuff.

Pansi~ Thank you, I am not sure what my problem is with this one, I will work on it.

Seamus~ I have red today, I will let you know.

Sar~ Bring the shoe questions, sistah. Game on!

Idiot~ Be nice now, play fair, and make sure to tell her in advance that you already know the difference between flats, wedges and spikes.

Blither said...

I'm afraid of your quizzes.
tee hee

barefoot_mistress said...

Lets hold Blither down and make her take the quiz.

Hey Idiot, are you wearing that spikey hat so I will recognize yuo when I get up there?

snavy said...

Wow - I really should have gotten a 50%! hehe