Friday, July 28, 2006

What really happened...

(Long rambling narrative to follow, if of no particular interest to you
feel free to go straight to the comment box and say,
"Wow, what a great T-shirt Logo!")
I left casa de Logophilia Wednesday afternoon and although we experienced a small hitch
(I had a stow-away and had to turn around almost a mile down the road)
but after returning Thing Two, somewhat dejectedly, to his home, I headed off to meet Susie.
I arrived without having gotten ahold of her on her cell (she doesn't turn it on) but had the good fortune of seeing Susie and Mr. Ratburn with Lil Rita crossing a street right in front of me!
I honked and waved, but Susie took off running across the road mistaking me for a crazy driver,
no, wait,
mistaking me for a crazy driver wanting her to go away.
Anyway, we got ourselves together and I got to meet the adorable Little Rita and Mr. Ratburn is as fab as you might have imagined. We hung out for a while and then went to dinner at an Indian place
(What?? Susie at an Indian place!! No WAY!!)
Really, it's all true.
Then we wandered through Pike and fondled the pig.

We went down to the waterfront, where Lil Rita felt the need for an ice cream cone.
Susie was feeling done on the whole food issue.
We sat and enjoyed a gorgeous Seattle sunset.After that, we did a little bit of sightseeing on our way back to the hotel.
Then, after tucking the family in, Susie and I hit the town.
She kept me out till 1:30 in the morning and THEN...
I kid you not,
she had the GALL,
the unmitigated nerve(!!)
to wake me up at 5:59 AM!!!!

She dragged me out of the hotel and forced me to walk the streets of Seattle to have coffee and a pastry with some Idiot we know.
Then, as if that were not bad enough, she took a pic of me like that!!

S' ok, once I had a double macchiato I was even willing to smile for a picture. We ditched the Idiot for a while and went and did touristy things

(although I have my limits, I would NOT Ride the Ducks with them).

It was a great day, and a good time had by all.


Breazy said...

Oh cool ! It looks like you all had a blast . The only blogger I live really close to is Bsoholic and one day I am gonna go to Nashville and knock on his door ! Have a good weekend !

Lily said...

aw looks like you kids had fun!

I want visitors!

I want to do touristy things!

Someone come see me...

snavy said...

So much fun!!!

I'm starting to think - maybe I am on the wrong coast!

LMAO at Thing Two!!!!

G said...

Lily - Pardon me but "across the street from Hell's door" moves you down just a bit on the Places I Must Visit list :)

Logo - love reading these travelblogs. Thanks for sharing the pics - looks like a lot of fun was had by all. Now that's living.

Candace said...

That looks like such a blast!!

I thought the ducks were only in WI. How funny!

I can't believe Think Two actually stowed away, LOL! Or that *someone* had the gall to wake you at that ungodly hour. :-P

lime said...

i am totally with thing two on this issue. i would have stowed away. and if i ever make it to seattle you are totally doin the ducks with me. whaddya say snavy?

Anonymous said...

LOL @ Thing Two. Nice try buddy. Acting like a tourist is a lot of gives one the excuse to dress up weird and speak with accents...

The Village Idiot said...

I have no excuse as you can see in the picture

I just dress weird..but the coffee and company was good!

Blither said...

You all look like you had a great time :) Good to see!

The Grunt said...

Nice. You keep good company, Logo.

Logophile said...

Breazy~ You get on that, he is so sweet, I bet you would have a great time with him!

Lily~ I am scared of the midwest, horror stories about dragons. You come see me.

Snav~ You are TOTALLY on the wrong coast! Left is best. Don't encourage the Things, they think they are clever, get it from their dad, clearly.

G~ It was fun, and if you ever do make it over to hell to visit Lily you make sure to post some pics!

Canadace~ Oy vey, ducks! (insert eye roll) We had a great time and BOTH of the Things tried to stow away, I just caught the bigger one before I pulled out, the small one was harder to spot. As for the early wake up, I knoooo-ooow! Just wrong, isn't it?

Lime~ When you finally get your ass out here, I will do the Ducks with you, deal. It would be worth it.

Guggs~ Those Things are NOT good things sometimes, but always amusing.

Idiot~ I had good coffee and good company toooo, what a coincidence!

Blither~ We totally did :D

Grunt~ Only the best for me!

barefoot_mistress said...

Hi everybody!

Notice Logo's details of the drunken debacle were quite vague......


goldennib said...

"Wow, what a great T-shirt Logo!" You know, since no one else said it.

Sounds like good times.

Sar said...

One little, too little, three little blogger buddies...oh what fun! Still jealous, but glad you all (please let it be noted for the record I did not just use the southern version of "you all" which I refuse to say) had fun. :)

Sar said...

uh, that would be two little...

Logophile said...

Susie~ Huh? Hmm? What are you talking about?

Goldennib~ Thanks! We did have a good time.

Sar~ I took note, can't wait for your visit!

Doug said...

You guys look cute and fun but pray tell, what was the Idiot wearing on his freaking bean this time?

Logophile said...

Doug~ I was puzzled about that as well, its the kind of hat doctor's wear, I think it's to provide insulation on chilly morning rides since he, uh, doesn't have alot of self made insulation up there