Monday, July 24, 2006

Thing Two

who may very well be a good Thing, and not a Thing to be feared, is nevertheless a stubborn Thing, it must be admitted. He refuses to be rushed in ANYTHING, even losing teeth. Here is the first one to go, at age 7.
Isn't that cute??
The adult tooth was already there, BEHIND the baby tooth, I forsee a happy orthodontist in my future.
Good thing he IS so cute.

In other news, Ariella is appropriating all bedding and comfortable resting spots without compunction.
The blanket is from Thing One's room, the pillow is from Thing Two's room, the bean bag chair was in the family room, she put them together to her own satisfaction.

I guess it is good to know what you want.


goldennib said...

Your son has beautiful big blue eyes. a real cutey.

barefoot_mistress said...

Wow, Logo, he is taking his time about the teeth isnt he?

Little Rita will be 10, and she's only lost 7 baby teeth, two which had to be pulled to make room for the adult teeth.....and is just now sprouting her two front teeth!

So, looks like he's gonna be like get to tell him that the longer it takes for them to come in, the newer and shinier they will be longer...(something like that!)

As for the dog stealing the blankets and stuff? Ew, not allowed! :P

Sar said...

It seems your son's teeth and Ariella have something in common - they're cozy and not going anyplace anytime soon!

Very cute and contrats on the tooth. :)

Sar said...

Congrats even. :)

~ good girl ~ said...

Your boy is adorable! When I lost my first tooth, I was a whining, wailing idiot.

lolol! Yes, pooches always know what they want i.e. everything!


teacher's pet said...

I think he has your eyes, teacher!

snavy said...

He is adorable!!!

We've recenlty contributed to an orthodontist's happiness.

LMAO at Ariella!!

Blither said...

Aww.. Those are Beautiful Things.

Tee hee Love the Pup!

lime said...

the thing is indeed cute beyond words. limelette #1 was quite late in the teeth department too.

ariella just wants you all to remember she is the queen, me thinks.

Logophile said...

Goldennib~ Thanks, I am rather fond of him!

Susie~ He is making up for it with a vengence,the two on either side of the missing one are loose. Ariella and I have discussing the blanket, pillow and stuff animal theft, she doesn't seem at all convinced.

Sar~ Thanks, he made a haul off the tooth fairy so he was pleased.

GG~ Thanks, he seemed to be pleased by the whole thing, and as for the pup... she learned that from me I think

Teacher's Pet~ Always alight with some frsh devilry? probably

Snav~ He is awfully cute, that is his defense mechanism so at to be allowed to live. Ariella seems to share it.

Blither~ She really does think she is the princess, and of course I take pictures before I discourage the behavior, hmmm, might not be the most effective approach.

Lime~ He seems quite content to let them come and go as they like, no stress over the issue, so that is good. As for Ariella, she is free to be the princess, but I, and only I am the queen.

Candace said...

Go Thing One!! I'm glad the Tooth Fairy wasn't t3h suck at your house like she sometimes is at ours. :-P

Wow, that's a smart doggy! Too cute. :-)

Lily said...

how much did he get for the tooth? around here the toothfairy decided to let princess keep her teeth... until the princess tried to sell her teeth back to the toothfairy... that's just not right.

Doug said...

Ha! Walela has the same habit. Congrats to thing 1.

Fred said...

I've paid alot of money for the smiles on my three beautiful girls. When they forget to wear their retainers - I threaten them with the loss of the cell phone. That always works.

neva said...

yeah... so you've got a "i'll do it when I want to do it and not one nano-second sooner" kid, too? my youngest was born 3 weeks late and i'm *still* waiting for him to do one thing "on time" (he's 22) sigh. you're right, tho', a totally adorable face buys 'em a lot of time! (yours is beyond adorable... i'm guessing this bodes well for his hopes of longevity)

as for ariella? sophie is EXACTLY the same way! she likes to stack pillows on the couch in interesting formations, then plop her fat self on top... puppies are so great, aren't they? they want what they want, WHERE they want it! too funny/cute! xox

Logophile said...

Candace~ He decided to sleep out in the tent that night, so he had sort of lost the tooth, I think that was the biggest stress moment, then we had to puzzle out whether the tooth should stay in his bed or go out to the tent with him. We convinced him the tooth fairy would be checking his bedroom.

Lily~ That's a clever lil missy you have there. He got a dollar for it, and he didn't get to keep it.

Doug~ You clearly have a canine of superior taste, what a good doggie!

Fred~ I am writing that tip down, I have a feeling I may need it.

Neva~ I do have at least one of those, and since I am somewhat of that school of thought myself I find it difficult to be too hardnosed on the matter. The cute factor is unfortunately something he plays to the max, he does the puss in boots eyes a la shrek, very adorable. Sounds like Sophie and Ariella have compared notes.