Wednesday, July 12, 2006

I sometimes fancy myself aaaahtistic

Yesterday I comented about turning myself black and purple.
Then, to try out Seamus' suggestion,
today I tried turning myself red...
and white and blue and yellow and green.
This would be why I did that.
I was painting this tray. The outside is black, and the rest,
well, it looks almost exactly like you see here!
I made it to go on the table shown

I've a lengthy history of attempting to express myself in paint.

The earliest and most disturbing example of which is,

at the age of ten I decided my bedroom ought to be pink,

hideous, eye-searing, Pepto-Bismol™ pink.

Perhaps I was trying to atone for being a tomboy.

Well, the tomboy stayed and the pink disappeared.

And I think my taste has improved.

At any rate, NOW

I paint what I like,

not what I think I ought to like.

So, here are some pictures of a project I enjoyed.

If you like it, great.

If not, that's ok too. I like it!

The shower curtain was the inspiration for this.

I painted the walls in graduating blue, dark at the bottom and lighter toward the top.

The fish are 3-D.

There are schools of them swimming around the room.

I replaced the towel bar with these hooks.

I ripped out the mirror and lights,

it was an ugly "I'm-ready-for-my-close-up-Mr. De Mille" dressing room type of affair. Then I hand painted the floor to go with the bottom of the shower curtain.I was rather pleased with how it turned out and I have sealed it with enough layers of poly that this floor will probably last longer than anything in the house.

I love to paint!


snavy said...

You are very talented Miss Logo!!!

The bathroom is incredible!!!

I bought this great yellow fabric to make a shower curtain and a window treatment with flowers, greenery, butterflies and dragonflies - you want to come help me paint the walls?? Please??

Egan said...

I want to buy some of this stuff from you. Are any of these items signed? I'm honestly impressed. Great job.

Seamus said...

Love all the color and the floor is fantastic!!!!!

Waiting with bated breath for sympathy score! ;)

goldennib said...

So very, very cool.

Doug said...

Nice work! I really like the table/trunk.

Fred said...

Well done! Can you come over next week and fix up my place?

barefoot_mistress said...

I'm pretty sure that floor is going to outlast the shower curtain too, you know how they get!

Logo, I see you have forced air heating like me. When I was postpartum....I accidentally overflowed my bathtub and filled up the ENTIRE forced air ducts with bubble bath water.....oh and the bathroom floor and hallway too...

Having babies makes you do weird stuff.....

Logo, I painted my bathroom yesterday, its a Limin' sort of green, you know! When noones looking im going to stencil some stars all over the wall in gold! :P

Good job on the tray madam, and I see you take your layout quite literally! It's nearly exactly to the rough draft! And might I say, busy too, you did that in ONE day! :P

lime said...

very lovely. i like it lots. i have the same shower curtain and had the same wqallpainting idea though i have yet to execute it. upon my return from vacation i was hoping to rip out the gawd awful one inch square tile floor since there was a 1 ft square patch that had coime loose and mr lime had refused to do any thing....that plus i hate the eeeny weeny tiles...hate em. of course, while i was gone he decided to reglue and regrout them.....sigh. ok.

The Village Idiot said...

I hate paint!

Logophile said...

Snavy~ For the price of a plane ticket and meals, I'm there!

Egan~ I also dig those make your own pottery places. I like to give those as gifts. When is your birthday?

Seamus~ The sympathy score, the black and purple got sympathetic expressions and closer looks, the red got gasps and closer looks. But the numbers were roughly the same.

Goldennib~ Thanks

Doug~ Thanks, military surplus means we have an awesome game storage area. Cool hinges prevent decapitation, all is well.

Fred~ My standing offer for trustworthy bloggers is, you pay airfare, food and lodging and I am there. I do require full artistic control, tangerine back ground with flamingos work for you?

Susie~ My kids did that!! I was way more worried about the sealant on the floor :p
The shop vac cleaned out the ducting. Green with gold stars sounds good, I like it. Take pics.
My rough was based on a mental picture I had. If I am winging it, things evolve. When I have a clear vision of what I want the final project tends to look mostly the same all the way through.

Limey~ Welcome home!! The whole differing visions is one of the main reasons Mr. Logo and I tend to divide up the rooms regarding conceptualizing and designing. The devil ain't in the details, the devil's in the discussion of details.

Idiot~ Shaddap

RennyBA said...

I came to your blog from barefoot_mistress and I'm glad becaouse this was a great post. You are such a creative woman and an artist in painting. I wont show it to my wife though course then she will have me to do the same in our bathroom and I hate to paint fish - they are so slippery:-)

Egan said...

I don't celebrate my birthday. Celebrating birthdays is for sheep. I'm far cooler than that.

Logophile said...

Renny~ Thank you, I am glad you popped by! As for painting fish, the trick is to stun them first, a sharp smack against the wall first really helps

Egan~ You are so getting a great big platter for your birthday, and you will like it, dang it!

Blither said...

beautiful stuff lady! very impressive potty!

Egan said...

Please don't. I will give it to charity if you do. Birthdays make my stomach turn.

Güggs said...

nice work. creative people impress me.

Scott & Julia said...

Wow, that is awesome! I want that bathroom! It'll be like Scuba diving at home :) Hmm, I miss Scuba diving ... Damn new job and no vacation for 6 months, grr!

Fred said...

Since we live in Florida - flamingos always work!

Logophile said...

Blither~ Thanks!

Egan~ OK, fine, how about if I give it to you for Ramadan? Would that work out better for ya?

Guggs~ Thanks, I am impressed by people who can pronounce German.

Julia~ Next time you head to the Pacific Northwest/southwest give me a holler, I will let you use my potty

Fred~ Perfect! Always good to work with flexible people.

Melliferous Pants said...


mini driver wannabe said...

Great post-found you by way of Lily's blog.
I like to paint also, but stick to small things as I get bored easily. I really like to paint Christmas decorations for some reason...hmm don't know why. Glad to find you.

vera said...

i positively LOVE your bathroom!!!! You're so damn creative. I mean, I create a la photography and sketch and stuff, but I do NOT paint house-things. my mum usually comes to visit and i make her paint! LOL
you're beautiful!

Candace said...

YOU ROCK, WOMAN!!! That's awesome! I can't imagine the patience you must have after seeing that floor. But it's super cool!

Logophile said...


Mini wannabe~ I like doing small projects too, I used to do more of those before I had kids though. Thanks for stopping by!

Vera~ mwah! Thanks, I think my ability to sketch is the main hinderance in me using that to express myself. I can draw a boa constrictor digesting an elephant though, or a hat.

Candace~ Once I figured out the technique it went pretty quickly actually, and the immediate results totally appeal to me.

Kat said...

The tray is cute, but the bathroom is downright awesome! You're a very talented lady!

Sar said...

I Love Purrrrrrrrrple!

You seriously need a gig as one of those home make-over designers on tv. Fantastico!

Logophile said...

Sar~ How'd de ankle, missy? Purple is pulchritudinous!

~ good girl ~ said...

Hi Logophile,

Wow! That really kicks ass! I'm sitting here gobsmacked. It's all so pretty and alive! I'm looking at my bathroom with renewed interest.

My bathroom is quaking in fear at prospects of my non-existent artistic eye.