Tuesday, July 18, 2006

I have new visitors in my yard. In addion to birds, bunnies and the occasional deer, now we have squirrels too!
They are soooo cute, and Ariella so hates not being allowed to chase them.
Anyway, here's a pic.
Onto the business of the day.
Congrats to last week's winners.
Idiot had the lead and Snavy and Sar tied for second, well done.
Here is...The QUIZ


Doug said...

I hear squirrels have tiny doug-like brains.

lime said...

horrifically bad showing for me.

snavy said...

Damn - that was really bbbaaaddd!!

Aaawwww squirrels - I think they're cute, my dad & Mr. Snavy call them rats with furry tails and my mom thinks that the one in her yard that she saved when it was a baby knows her. In her defense - it does come within just inches of her and gibbers. Maybe it's a scent thing?

Sar said...

Lady Logo, that was a sensational quiz! I'll take my 80 with pride.

How's that coffee, VI?

The Village Idiot said...

the coffee is good the quiz is bad

you beat me,for now. You just wait, when you least expect it, expect it.

goldennib said...

I only got 30 this week, but I was on the phone a work at the time I took the quiz, diligently doing my job.

Sar said...


*happy dancing!*

Logophile said...

Doug~ I don't know about that, but they certainly are verbose.

Lime~ You look lovely today though, so you get comp points for that.

Snavy~ It probably does recognize her, animals can be smart like that.

Sar~ You are rocking the quiz today, well done!

Idiot~ Aw, she beat you, so sad.

Goldennib~ Clearly you were distracted.

Sar~ Live it up!

Güggs said...

Chip and Dale. Welcome to Logo's yard.

neva said...

uh...don't look now, but i beat Sar *and* VI (not that i'm bragging, because i'm not. well not really. well... sort of. but just because i did really well. well enough to beat Sar and VI... not that i'm bragging.)

Logophile said...

Neva~ Well done! What is your secret? How do you feel about this win? Have you insituted anything new at the training camp? And what will you have to do to keep this winning streak going?