Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Woooo hoooo!

Well, my good friend Susie, first lady of the orchard, arrived in Washington State Tuesday afternoon, July 25th.

I am excited to be meeting her in Seattle where we will party like it's 1999.
As in, we will be sporting out of fashion clothing and be amazed at the outrageous price of gas. Nah, actually she cleans up pretty good.
But I hope she isn't this dressed up, because I sure as heck won't be.
One thing we will definitely be doing is getting her to try some coffee.

She promised me she would, and no pulling ugly faces!!And if she gives me any trouble about trying it, I will call in some muscle.

See ya Thursday evening,

Logo out!


The Grunt said...

Have fun, all yous!

goldennib said...

Have lots of giggles.

weirsdo said...

Ferget SUZIE!!!! Go rite for the mussel!!!!!!

Seamus said...

How about leaving SOME of Seattle standing! :D

Have fun!!!!!!

snavy said...

I want to visit too!!

How bout I grab Lime & Lily and we come and meet y'all.

lime said...

I'M SOOOO JEALOUS!!! yes, snavy. i agree. hope yo uall are having a fabulous time and tell susie for me she doesn't have to drink coffee!

Sar said...

Two words - so jealous! Have a great time ladies & muscle.

That looks like some heavy coffee, I personally take mine light.

RennyBA said...

Woow, a visit from my blog pal and I'm glad to see your having a good time!
Give her and her family my greetings from Norway!

Egan said...

Welcome to Seattle, for a day or a lifetime.

Güggs said...

According to my psychic friends, fun times are in store for Logo and her friend Susie.

Lily said...

ooooh I can NOT wait to hear what you two hussies do! I wonder... is Seattle still there? Did you paint the town red? Wha happen?

Blither said...

Ooo Fun Fun Fun!!! Lucky Ladies!! Can't wait to hear all about it!!

Egan said...

Yes, where's our update?

Logophile said...

Grunt~ We did!

Goldennib~ We did!

Pansi~ No forgetting Susie, she's the highlight of the event!

Seamus~ We left your neighborhood in peace, rather than pieces

Snavy~ Hop to it!!

Lime~ I let her off easy with some tea, and she loves it!~

Sar~ We did! Light, heavy, as long as it is GOOD coffee, I can go either way.

Rennyba~ We actually talked about you! Susie was very hot so we discussed your opinion that there is no bad weather just bad clothes. The problem is, when it's hot, you can only take OFF so much.

Egan~ Glad you are so welcoming to the tourists. Dang there are alot of them right now!

Guggs~ Your psycho friends were right!

Lily~ We didn't paint the whole town red. We were too busy doing other things, and man, was it FUN!

Blither~ More info coming, promise, and watch Hijacked for extra details.

Egan~ Audio post above and more will be coming, I am TIRED, man, don't rush me!