Monday, May 21, 2007

The Google search meme

I tried this meme because I saw it on Nessa's blog.

You are to enter with quotation marks your name and the following words:

"---- needs"
"---- is"
"---- likes"
"---- wants"
"---- says"
"---- does"
"----- eats"
"---- gets"

Logo needs fixin' up!
Logo is the name for a philosophy of education and a continually evolving
Logo likes to claim (full text, While Za's may not be as gourmet as its logo likes to claim, it is certainly a welcome new member of the campus chain club).
Logo wants it back (in full...The designer of Illinois' Illiniwek logo wants it back).
What your Logo says about you.
(I promise you, I'm only saying really nice things about you and I'm totally not talking about that one thing, you know, that you asked me to keep quiet about. It's in the vault.)
The Vista Logo does matter!
Torch on the Chicago logo gets scorched.
The Westinghouse logo eats the CBS eye.

Mostly when I used Logophile I got no exact matches but the ones that did come up were distinctly odd, so I had to share them.
Logophile does not have toes.
If Logophile says turn right ... then turn left
Logophile is physically incapable of sticking her tongue out.

Lastly, I found a very complete online personality test.
Let me know your results!


G said...

The personality test says that I am an idiot! You little wascal - deja vu indeed!

On the meme - I saw that at Nessa's and just played around plugging it in and when I got linked to

"Mama Gina wants..." and got hooked to some freak on YouTube who was inviting grown men to be diapered and breast fed, I quit my search.

Now let me go give that personality test one more try.

Mr. Fabulous said...

I have actually found you to be a very accomplished tongue-sticker-outer.

cathy said...

All Cathy needs is a big feather to fan him and feed him peeled grapes

Do you smell that, Cathy? It's the winds of change ...
Oh, wait. You've got no freaking nose.

Cathy.likes I live by myself, so it was totally worth building this harness.

Cathy wants to tell you about her new Japanese bicycle:

Cathy says, "Well, now I'm having a problem because I was gonna use my friend as a source, but he doesn't want to talk about it anymore."

Cathy Does Blacks - There Ain't No Black Cathy Can't Take

Cathy Does Blacks is very concerned about minors accessing adult material on the Internet. If you are concerned about your children accessing explicit ...

Why doesn't Cathy eat breakfast? Anyone know? I'm dying to find out.

What was puzzling to me was the fact that Cathy gets away with her tirades and no one has the sense to stop her. Please bring the original "Cathy" back.

Priceless thanks Logo

Minka said...

I am sorry for your lack of toes...but look at it this way...fewr nails to polish!

Minka said...

I stopped at quetsion 40 in that personality teast, slamming my head with the bakc of my evil little minx!

ARM said...

Ok...I went through 3 pages of that personality test before I realized that it was messing with me!

Thank, Logo. I actually needed that today.

bsoholic said...

Ha! I started cussing the maker of that quiz, then realized it was a prank after several pages. :P


Logophile said...

G~ Yes, I can see that a result like that on the Google search might discourage you. Heh, glad you enjoyed the personality quiz!

Mr. Fab~ Why thank you, nice to know my talents are not unobserved.

Cathy~ :p Good for a laugh or two anyway, hm?

Minka~ In light of this result I'm slightly puzzled as to the nature of the orange tipped bits attached to the top of the things I walk on, but you know, the internet is ALWAYS a source of accurate info.

Arm~ :p Do you often experience de jevu?

BS~ That was just all the MORE reason to cuss 'em out!

furiousBall said...

I often experienced a lot of those questions...oh well that was better than working.

met2morf said...

`Twas brillig, and the slithy toves
Did gyre and gimble in the wabe:
All mimsy were the borogoves,
And the mome raths outgrabe.

On four hours sleep, this is what your post brought to mind. And I made it past 50 before I stopped on the test. You are the devil and clearly if your bike were not proof enough....

goldennib said...

We know you have toes - seen 'um. And I think we've seen you stick your tongue out, too.

neva said...

mmmm. "I am more stupid than any of my friends". AGREED. which is my way of saying i went up to 140 questions before figuring out it was a complete hoax. aieeeeeee!

then i saw met2morf's little quote from Jabberwocky, and i felt better. (what can i say, i lovelovelove that poem!)

as for YOU?? whatever Logo wants... Logo gets. Neeva neh-vah does. (okay, that's a lie from the pits of hell, but that's beside the point. the point, for i had one coming in to this comment, is that my name is kind of uncommon and/or often mispronounced) ; ) xox

ARM said...

I definitely did this morning! Too classic. Any other day, I probably would have kept going!

goldennib said...

OK, I am an idiot because I kept going to question 110 before I came back here to see if I was really an idiot and here's the shocker, yep, I am.

Dorky Dad said...

Nice personality test. Mine said, "you are a sucka."

I started figuring out at question 40 that this might have been a joke, but I kept going until about 60.

Logophile said...

Furiousball~ Yes, even bogus quizzes are better than work most days.

EES~ Yes, I know, I know, just breathe deeply and picture your happy place, this too shall pass.

Goldennib~ Its true, you've seen both, and Im not actually bad at directions either, but ya know, I'm all about the entertaining.

Nee-va~ :p 140? Wow, what an attention span, you are AWESOME!

Arm~ Until I asked Mr. Logo how many times he'd gotten that question he didn't realize it was bogus either (snicker snicker)

Goldennib~ You most certainly are NOT, hope springs eternal and all that.

Dorky Dad~ Thanks for going the extra mile to make sure, you are awesome.

egan said...

Logo has the best riding mower and more patience than anyone I know. Logo is a bright person with a huge heart.

lime said...

i did this today....and that test revealed that i have my limits as to how may times i will click to another page.

Logophile said...

Egan~ Aw, aren't you kind to me today?

Lime~ Clever woman, very clever ;)