Friday, May 11, 2007

We interupt this blog break to announce...

Thing Two very inconveniently scheduled his birthday on Mother's Day this year. While Ipersonally don't mind sharing the mothers of his friends seem to think said friends ought to spend the day with THEM. So he opted for a mom and son birthday outing and a quick cake and ice cream party on the day.
This morning we set out early and here you see Thing Two, flushed with victory at our destination.

And where is this, you might ask?
The Space Needle!
The surrounding sights were carefully scrutinized and his father was called.
Mr. Logo was very accomodating and went out on the 17th floor garden roof of the building where he works so he could wave to us.

After rising so early, travelling and accomplishing so very much
soon Thing Two was drooping,unable even to lift his head for a good picture.
Until candy was procurred for him.

Then he had plenty of energy to meet dad for a lunch date, roam through Pike Place Market with me finding lots of fun ways to spend his birthday money and he even stayed awake on the ride home!

In other news, it is now firm fact, and beyond disputation, Mr. Logo is a freak in the box.
Not only does he ebay, chat, and blog, he has received MAIL from one of his blog pals.

There is NO going back NOW, dude, you have been assimilated!

Today the Aged Ps headed out to Seattle as well, for mama's chemo treatment.
Things appear to be going alright. Tomorrow she and I are taking an art tour. It's an annual event on Mother's Day weekend and this will be the third year we've gone. It's a great tour and should be alot of fun. Dad will stay with Mr. Logo and the Things and have man time, arr, arrr, arrrrrr.

Finally, here is Ariella.
Because everything's better with a puppy picture on it, right?


Diesel said...

Have fun, Logo. Hope mama's feeling ok.

Gawpo said...

Areola sure is dark around her nose.

lime said...

happy birthday to thing two! what a fun outing! can we do that for my birthday?

happy mother's day to you and to one half of the aged Ps. do enjoy the art tour. hope things continue to go well for mama.

and mr logo is the BIGGEST and freakiest FITB whether he admits it or not. he should also be ahppy to know that his coinage of said term is now used by the limelettes every time one of you calls me. FITBs may also be referred to generically as 'logos' because you are the one they know best.

S said...

Thing Two and Mr Ratburn have the same birthday???? How did I miss this? Woweee....obviously, this mother will be taking a back seat to the rats 46th....sigh....

BTW Lo, did I ask you if you would go to India with me yet?

Did you guys get to see FITB from the Needle? and wow, so thats what Im missing, thanks for taking some pics, you saved me 15 bucks and a little nausea! :P
Im going up next time!
Happy Birthday Thing TWO!!!!

yerdoingitwrong said...

Happy Birthday Thing 2! I love love love the pics. Spoil your mama tomorrow, okay?

Breazy said...

Happy Mother's Day to you and your mother! Happy Birthday to Thing Two! It looks like you had fun, I am glad you posted the pics of the space needle because that is the only way I will ever have a view from the!

Dorky Dad said...

Happy Birthday to Thing 2.

I don't want to know the origins of Freak in the Box. It's just funny.

And Happy Mothers Day!

Balou said...

Looks like a great birthday outing! How fun! What a wonderful place you live. Love the photo of Ariella - her dark fur agains the bright colors in the background. Hope your Mom's chemo is going smoothly for her. Happy belated birthday thing 2!

goldennib said...

I love your Mom's HOT pink hat.

Happy Birthday, Thing Two.

Sounds like a great weekend.

wreckless said...

Very cool birthday gig! I hope you had an as wonderful and exciting Mother's Day.

neva said...

i'm exhausted just reading about this action packed weekend! hope it was as wonderful as it sounds.

all good and loving wishes for renewed health and happier times to your mom! and hugs and kisses to the lot of you!! xoxoxo

Claire said...

Hey what a weird co-inky-dink, I too spent Mother's Day with my baby boy (@245lbs!) cuz it was his 19th birthday. It was fun!

ARM said...

I'm so proud of Mr. Logo!

Hope you had a wonderful mothers day weekend!!

G said...

FITB! Now how did I live without such a term? I'll put it to good use, don't worry.

Happy Birthday Thing Two - looks like a fun day.

Best wishes to your mom and continued recovery and good health.