Tuesday, May 22, 2007

This and that

This evening in the car Thing Two was explaining to Mr. Logo and I the subtle differences between a maniacal laugh and a hysterical laugh. Ah, it makes a Logophile mama proud.
Here you see the jeans I got for a steal of a deal this weekend but they were too long. With my very own two hands I hemmed them. Yes, all by myself. Not bad, eh?

Next we have some meaningful graphics for you to enjoy.
I've actually threatened peeople who stood between me and a coffee pot.
I'm not proud of that, but come on, people, have you no self preservation instinct??

This is especially important in summer weather.

This next one I just really do love,
heh heh heh


S said...

Well goodness me, you just saved yerself 12 bucks on pant hemming. Well done, missy!

In other news, I like my coffee black, like my men.


lime said...

nice sewing...what a domestic goddess you are.

i like the last picture. LOL

ARM said...

Hey - good job on the hemming! And super cute shoes!!!

I love those sassy magnets & stuff. Anne Taintor is one of my favorites. As is this one.

Anonymous said...

Sew we seam to have a seamstress in our midst!
I admire your handiwork-nice job.
I am also a coffee junkie.

furiousBall said...

that was a damn fine hemming you did there. love the coffee posters, i'm on my 87th cup today i think. i can stop any time i want to, just not now.

Breazy said...

great job on the jeans! My jeans are always too long so I have to have someone else hem them because Breazy+needle+thread=bad things!

instead of coffee, mine would be tea!

Have a good day!

Logophile said...

Susie~ 12 bucks?? Is that all? Damn it, next time I am so taking them in! I like my coffee like I like my men, straight, hot and sometimes its good when its sweet.

Lime~ Thanks, isn't that great? I love that gal's work.

Arm~ I love her too, great stuff. That last one is funny too, I actually looked at when I was finding stuff for this post.

Wreckless~ HA! You're punny! As addictions go coffee isn't too bad, just increases your need for breath mints.

Furiousball~ Thank you, usually I end up handing the job off to the person in the family who can sew (Mr. Logo) that is why I am so proud. As for q***ting coffee, hey, don't be all coming on my blog and using language like that!

Breazy~ Oh I love the tea too, believe me. At 5'5 I am average height so it annoys me how many pants require hemming, I mean, WHO are they making these clothes for?

bsoholic said...

*stops maniacal laughing* *takes breath* *starts hysterical laughing*


TLP said...

So.... I'm waitin' here. What's the difference between maniacal and hysterical laughing?

neva said...

as a big fan of all things Anne Tainter -- BRAVO! *claps* (what can i say? i drink tea every morning before i launch into "coffee" mode, and THIS is on my favorite tea cup).

*laughs hysterically, chokes on a coffee nip, looks around for someone, anyone to help* ; ) xox

actonbell said...

Good stuff! Coffee is so important.

Good hem job, too:)I'm too lazy, so I just get higher heels.

Em said...

She liked her men that way? Or YOU like your men that way???

Logophile said...

BS~ Don't sprain anything there :p

TLP~ Based on the demostrations the main difference is that maniacal laughter is more determined. I think you have to hear it.

Neva~ Love Anne. I start my day with a cup of tea as well and then switch over to coffee. Stop coughing on my blog!If the heels go any higher I would hardly be able to get around!

Em~ Yes ;)

Actonbell~ It IS, its vital, to life, and in fact the economies of many under-privileged nations, we need to drink coffe to do our part for humanity.

yerdoingitwrong said...

I need to put the 'I haven't had my coffee yet, don't make me kill you at my desk'.

S said...

Hows the hem holding up? :P

Jocelyn said...

That is my idea of a proud moment of my child--considering that difference in laughs. Very good.

The hemming...Martha Stewart needs to retire now. You are Queen.

Candace said...

You did a fantastic job on them! I'm still trying do decide whether or not I should hat you for being able to find pants that are not only long enough, but TOO long. :-/

G said...

I love these graphics - I might steal that first one. So far I haven't had to doing any needling of cloth as my MIL handles all that quite expertly for us. But nice job, I must say.

And maniacal/hysterical laughter - genius!

Logophile said...

Annie~ Go for it! You can even laminate it so no coffee or blood sprays on it :p

Susie~ Fine so far, ask again in a couple months

Jocelyn~ It was so great, I was in the front seat grinning like a fool, so happy and amused and proud.

Candace~ Don't hate me because Imma midget :p

G~ Mr. Logo is actually the sewing machine operator around here and he is better with the needles too but he wasn't handy so I did it. Definitely take that graphic, its too good not to share.