Thursday, May 24, 2007

A Grand Day Out

We made it to the Pacific Science Center on a horrible, drizzly, grey and rainy day, just like all of them are, the weather here sucks, don't forget it.

We went to our sneak peak of the fossil exhibit.
Some of them were incredibly large,
some were foolishly named,
some were pretty petite,
and some were even smaller than that!
The Things got to inspect dino eggs in detail,
and dig some specimens and identify the species.
They really enjoyed that part.
Thing One thought the models of baby dinosaurs in the eggs were cute,
although he was sad about the idea of the eggs being eaten by predators.
After we finished at the Science Center we went to Pike Place where the colorful musicians entertained us
or frightened us
while we feasted on cinnamon sugar covered mini-donuts
or as I call them
And it was gooooood.


snavy said...

Although foolishly named -- it's pretty cool looking. (Says Snavy the dino geek.)

You have the cutest things!!

Mail me some mini-crack please.

S said...

Mini crack and Rachel...doenst get any better than that!

G said...

A grand day out indeed! Those things sure know how to have a good time. Did you know "A Grand Day Out" is a Wallace & Grommit film short. It's excellent.

bsoholic said...

Dinosaurs rule!!! :D Awsomeness!

egan said...

I love your use of reverse psychology. You're my hero.

Mr. Fabulous said...

Booooring. If you want to take them someplace educational, why not Hooters?

ARM said...

This post is making me giggle like you wouldn't believe.

And I know the Things are too old to like being called cute right now, but they are so cute!!

I seriously love the dinos. I want to come to seattle and go to see the dinos with you!! That beats the hell out of the dino exhibit here in Lincoln. We used to have a kick ass one, but funding got cut so the museum suffered. Sad.

Breazy said...

Looks like a lot of fun! Have a good weekend !

furiousBall said...

What a kick-butt dino exhibit! I got a box of mini-crack last night while grocery shopping with my hungry son. I relented to his begging for an assorted box of donuts. I'm weak I know.

Logophile said...

Snavy~ It does look pretty cool, I agree. Day old minicrack might be less than stellar, Im just warning you, you have to come try it fresh :D

Susie~ Ain't it the truth?

G~ I did know, that is where I stole the title from. I don't know that anyone catches it but from time to time my post titles are lines from movies, or poetry, books or in some cases, movie titles, well done! I do that Wallace and Gromit!

BS~ It was a pretty awesome day, traffic afterward SUCKED though.

Egan~ Thank you, I feel validated now.

Mr. Fab~ I'm saving their buffalo wing education for when they are a little older.

Arm~Come on over, anytime! I still say they are cute, they are just going to have to live with it.

Breazy~ It was, and you have a great one too!

lime said...

so at any time did either of the things say 'i've got a bone to pick with you?'

they have so obviously inherited their mother's flair for the dramatic.

Anonymous said...

Aren't you the traveling fun mom?!
Can I be your kid?
I won't even need the crack. Just take me to the all cool places.

G said...

How could I ever have doubted you, won't happen again I tell you. Oh how we laugh at this one.

PS: Unrelated, I lifted the photo below (without proper credit to you as it was late and my brain wasn't in full gear). I'll fix that when I'm home later.

Logophile said...

Lime~ Only their unfamiliarity with the phrase prevented it, Im sure. Drama? Whatever could you be referring to? (snicker snicker)

Wreckless~ Alright, but Im not letting you take the motorcycle out!

G~ I really love those movies and no worries on the credit, I didn't make it, I just stole it before you did :p

Diesel said...

The Crichtonsaurus thrived during the middle Spielbergian period.

Paul Champagne said...

Did the kids see any flying fish at Pike's

Logophile said...

Diesel~ Yeah, I think you've got it there, is it wrong of me at all do you think that I'm glad they were already extinct before we did this to them? Talk about insult to injury...

Paul~ The fish stand in the background of the minicrack consumption shots is the one where they throw fish. Yes we stood and watched a couple. The best is when they throw the stuffed fish into the ground. Watch the tourists scatter, tee hee hee

Em said...

What a cool museum...looks like a great day!