Thursday, May 31, 2007

Only one week left...

of the baseball season. No practice three nights a week at two different places, no games twice a week testing whether or not I actually CAN be in two places at one time.
This is what my precious Thing Two spends alot of his time doing although when he does pay attention he is actually not half bad.
Thing Two is in a coach pitched league and is quite the little hitter.
Only two more games, I think we can make it.
Thing One's team won last night.
He played second base for half the game
and was given the game ball for an amazing hit to left field that set his team up for the winning run.
Halfway through the season he was put in the second position in the batting line-up
(if there are non-baseball types reading that means he is a consistent hitter).

It's actually quite lovely to see him doing well and enjoying baseball,

thank GAWD it's over soon!


Blither said...

Love the pictures. I remember the good ole' baseball days. Lots of work. Lots of fun though.

ARM said...

The first picture is classic. But he has amazing form in that 3rd picture! And I love seeing kids up at bat with those huge helmets that are too big for their heads on. It makes them look so cute.

I loved baseball, though. Still do. Do the things do any other sports? Just keep them away from wrestling.

lime said...

glad they are doing well and having fun. we have a couple more weeks left and i haven't minded at all. in the fall when he plays and one sisrtwer is in marching band and the other manages the football team and their father coaches soccer is when i will be tearing my hair out by its roots.

goldennib said...

Nice for them that they get to play and enjoy it; nice for you that it is almost over.

actonbell said...

You've taken some wonderful pictures--I love the running-action shot!

It's nice that the kids' league is over before it gets so stinkin' hot, too.

Claire said...

OMG, I MISS little league baseball! I loved being a scorekeeper back in the day. Both boys played. FPM gave it up after 8th grade to devote all his time to football. I loved the post season tourniments and the all-stars games. So much fun. You will miss it too someday...

Dorky Dad said...

Aaah, so he's a table setter, eh? He must be consistent and fundamentally sound, and is being counted on to get on base so the big bats coming up next can drive him home. Excellent!

Logophile said...

Blither~ I'm thinking there have got to be easier ways to pass the time.

Arm~ Those batting helmets are awfully cute, but don't tell 'em I said so. :p The older one tried basketball and they are both going to do swimming this summer.

Lime~ Oh man, yes sounds like great fun, NOT. The two different fields thing is killer when their games are at the same time and I am working solo. As long as there are two drivers it all works out.

Goldennib~ You nailed it, sister.

Actonbell~ Good thing for me that it is over too, the petit fleur does not do well sitting in the roasting hot sun (that is me, just to clarify).

Claire~ Don't you threaten me, missy!! :p Our league is really disorganized and that has made some of the grown up stuff annoying to say the least.

Dorky Dad~ You got it, and it's a huge relief to his father who despaired of him languishing in the outfield and the bottom of the batting order forever after his years of dandelion picking and such in younger days. Hope is restored!

S said...

Im glad Little R doesnt like sports...what would I do with all that sweaty stuff?

Great pictures, Lo, sorry im up bunny parts! Glorp!

snavy said...

What's the deal with the knickers and long heavy socks??

I've never understood why baseball players continued to do this after elasticized socks were invented.

Any thoughts??

Also, you have the most adorable Things!!

yerdoingitwrong said...

Great pictures!! It takes me back. We used to spend so many nights at the baseball field. My brother played and my step-father coached and my mom worked the concession stand. I ate lots of junk and drooled over the boys. The good ol days!

Gawpo said...

Bezbol been bery, bery good to them. Not so much to they momma.