Thursday, January 19, 2006

HNT~ Curly Girl style

Although technically my hair is called "wavy" by Portuguese Water Dog breeders,
it is pretty curly, it is just not poodle-type curly.
Immediately after a bath it is VERY curly, and
of course, adorable.
Now, I have a startling revelation for you.
The AF hasn't shampoo ed her hair in over a year,
all because of this book.

This is not to say she doesn't ever wash it,
but after reading this book she swore off
ammonium lauryl sulfate and its relatives.


Jay said...

cute acple4fun6969

barefoot_mistress said...

Your hair is hot, Ariella, and so is AF's....tempted to swear off shampoo myself!
Happy HNT to both of you!

BTW, if I swear off shampoo, will my hair turn that color too!!!!

snavy said...

Ariella - what did they do to you??!!

The Af has beautiful, sexy, curly hair!!! Love it!!

I swore off ammonium lauryl sulfate products about 3 years ago - my hair is so much healthier!

Happy HNT Ladies!!!

lime said...

gawgeous curls my dear! oh and the AF ain't so bad either, hehehe. happy HNT!

bsoholic said...

Oooo a wet half nekkid Ariella!!! WoW! ;) Sweet!

Happy HNT

DaMasta said...

Ack! Wet dog smell. LOL... cute!

The AF has some pretty great hair! Go check out what my curls look like WITH shampoo.

Happy HNT logo and ariella!

Mark Leslie said...

Cool curls! Happy HNT!

Tom & Icy said...

How can you sit so still when humans do that to you? Woof! *shake*

Lily said...

Girls with curls... beautiful.. but wait, what do you use? Tell me the secret.. please? I want hair like yours... or the AF's... either one.

Happy HNT

The Village Idiot said...

wow...nice curls!!!

and i have no idea what hair looked like after a year without washing..when you have orange rubber on your head you have other things to worry about


Seamus said...

Love your curls...and the AF's too! Happy HNT ya'll!

Mrs. weirsdo said...

Your hair is gorgeous, AF. What do you use instead of shampoo? Mall Diva needs tips. (One day when she was about 9 she revealed to me that she had not COMBED her hair in 3 weeks--most of it had to be cut off.)
I thought you might enjoy this.

Sar said...

I know nice curls when I see them. Lovely as always ladies!

robmcj said...

That hair's got a lot of life.

I don't understand all the chemical stuff, but I compromise by using shampoo only once a week, and in tiny homeopathic doses. That fixed the dandruff anyway.

Just Some Gal said...

Beautiful curls on the both of you! I think I should get that book. My hair is really curly.

Happy HNT!

Kyahgirl said...

nice curls AF! I may have to try that :-)
Thanks for the tip Ariella.