Sunday, January 01, 2006

It's here, it's here, it's finally here!!

It's finally 2006, can you believe it?
Does it feel like a new year to you?
If you said "Yes", knock it off, ya freak,
it feels just like yesterday but later.
It's the year of the Dog, according to the Chinese,
and FIRE DOGS at that! My, doesn't THAT
sound impressive.
Anyway, hope your year doesn't go to the dogs!

And to conclude, a lil piece by logo.
she doesn't make resolutions, well, just the one.
She always resolves not to smoke,
as she never started smoking it is an easy success to begin the year.
So here is a poem instead.
How in this clamor and commotion
Is it possible to feel this alone?
Surrounded here by the familiar-
Voices and faces so much like my own.

Feeling I live a life once removed,
Distant cousin to the one I wanted.
Going through motions of the things I do
Function or form always leave me taunted.

Connections of mind and soul seem too few
Small talk with closed minds to infinity.
Kindred spirits exist though, I've met some
Separated by distance or destiny.

The beauty in life exists everywhere
Am I focused too inward to see?
Is my world or myself what's inadequate,
Failing to live up to all that could be?

I need faith, I need hope, I need charity
More to give and to share and surivive on
An end to control by bleak discontent
Replaced by calm purpose new with each dawn.


schnoodlepooh said...

The year of the dogs has to be a good one! Woof! We're the best!

barefoot_mistress said...

Happy New Year, Ariella and family!

Thomcat said...

wonderful piece logo ! I love it! :) now get back to work :p

Seamus said...

Happy New Year Airella! I am so glad our paths have crossed! Lots of love and happiness in the new year! :)
Woofs for the Buffledog! :)

lime said...

arfy arf arf =happy new year in dog, i think. it's your year ariella!

so glad for the chance to get to know you more this year.