Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Wednesday~ Words to live by.

Once upon a time, not so long ago as some people reckon the passing of time, there was a mommy-in-waiting.
The child was to be born in March, and just about this time of year she found herself with a great deal of free time.
Not far from where she lived was a small town called Winslow she enjoyed visiting, and there was a very nice beach nearby.
One day while she was in the bookstore, one of the few places in the world worth browsing, she found a book;
a book that sang to her soul, a book that spoke to her spirit, a book to give hope to a new parent, a book to inspire.
A book called The Alphabet of Civility
Written by Virginia Clark Clarkson, with flawless illustrations by Cynthia Vehslage

Alway keep it if you promise. Always return it if you borrow.
Be on time, you on time keeps the other person from feeling tight and terrible.
Children who are younger than you sometimes need kids like you to help.
Different is a nice change from same. It doesn't mean better or worse, it means interesting!
Eat a little bit of everything on your plate. It doesn't hurt you and it makes the chef feel good.
Flashlights are good to have by your bed...if someone needs you in the night, you can Find them.
Give away anthing you don't use if you don't love it too much.
In doors in shelter. In bed is cozy. In a bad mood is not fun. Inside-out is confusing. Invited is a party!
Jokes, teasing, and giggles are good for the funny bone. Which is why it is the humorous.
Keep your eyes open. Keep your ears pricked. Keep your nose twitching. Keep your fingers feeling.
The more the tell you, the more you know.
aLone can be a good thing, It gives you time for thinking, wishing, singing, dancing, reading, imagining...
Make any presents you give to your grown up relatives. It will please them more than anything.
Never EVER say or do a mean thing on purpose.
Original is having your own ideas and trying them out.
Parents can be fun. Enjoy at least one every day.
Quiet is not a bad thing, especially if someone is working or sleeping. sh... shh... shhh...
Running out can be awful. For instance, running out of cookies, or tooth paste, or crayons, or books to read, or something to do. But running out in the rain is wonderful and wet.
Secrets should be secret, told only to the secreter and the secretee.
Try these Top Ten Terrific sayings: Hello. Please. Thank you. I'm sorry. Good job! Let me help you. You look nice. Can you show me how to do that? Here, have some of mine. I love you.
YOU deserve any praise and all the compliments you get. Enjoy them.
Visit your relatives and other great places whenever you get the chance.
The World is our living place and we must take care of it, the birds and the trees and the snakes and the bugs and the flowers and the fish and the people and the water and the air. Have we forgotten anything?
eXplain when you disagree. Then maybe the other person will understand.
Why?Why? Keep asking why? Why does your body get limp if you don't eat or drink? Why does your brain get goofy is you don't exercise? Why is it that if you're not neat, you are a MESS?
Whether you are a zinnia or a zebra, or a is a Zillion times more exciting if you join in and have fun! Zap! Zip! Zoom!

There is much, much more to think about. Unfortunately, our alphabet has only 26 letters.
Sorry, that's just the way it is.


lime said...

lovely alphabet!

bsoholic said...

Great words to live by!

barefoot_mistress said...

LOL Hey, that's pretty cool! I like it!

snavy said...

That is so very cool!!

Tom & Icy said...

Quiet is nice, when they turn all that noise off from TV or radio, and we can finally hear ourself think.

schnoodlepooh said...

That's a great book recommendation. I love the alphabet lessons.
Very cool.

Sar said...

I think I can now officially nominate you for most inspirational blog. ;) Thanks for the enjoyable read.

Breazy said...

I really like that ! I will always remember these everytime I think of the alphabet ! Thanks ! :)