Sunday, January 15, 2006

More Museum Fun...

cuz we think museums rock!
Especially when you can pretend to be a ship's captain.

"I am lord of all I survey!!"
Look at those amazingly strong and fit young men!
That little one can lift his own weight in salmon,
I would like to try EATING my own weight in salmon,
but that evidently will have to wait for another post.
The Things had a great time with this periscope,
which left lovely black rings around their eyes.
Look how nicely they can share and take turns,
why do they have to be in public for the manners to kick in?
Tomorrow, more about our lunch at the waterfall park.
Doncha just love Pioneer Square?


schnoodlepooh said...

Pioneer Square? That's a scary place.

But the museum looks like lots of fun. They are pretty funny Things.

weirsdo said...

We do a lot of homeschooling at museums. The kids really remember stuff they've seen, or better yet, interacted with.

Fred said...

Looks like fun. Can I go?

Seamus said...

Now I'm inspired!!! Hope your getting some of this sun???? Yay SUN!!!

lime said...

fun stuff!