Tuesday, January 31, 2006

It's Tuesday

Ok, trying something new.
Here we have some Easy Trivia.

And then after that warm up,
or instead, if you would rather,
try the
Regular Tuesday Trivia.

Congrats to A N Other for 80,
Sar and Lime who tied at 70.

(We are ignoring the unfortunate confusion
involving the guest quiz author,
please forgive us and we will avoid such incidents in the future).

And thanks to BS and Weirsdo for the donated questions.
The rest of you are seriously bringin' us down, man,
you are totally slacking on the questions.
E-mail them!


Doug said...

By being first, I got to see my name at the top for one brief shining moment. If I haven't sent two questions by the end of the day, you may email something scandalous.

lime said...

ashamed i got 90 on the easy one, delighted i got 90 on the regular one

Breazy said...

I think I left my thinking cap somewhere other than on my head this morning hehe. I made a 50 on the eays one and a 20 on the other . blech.... I really suck today !

barefoot_mistress said...

Well you just never know...I did better on the Regular Tueasday Quiz than I did on the Easy one! LOL

The Village Idiot said...

I was no way involved in the creation of the afore mentioned quizzes

snavy said...

Every week I finish taking this quiz and ask myself - WHY?

Sar said...

Not so good this week for me, I'm afraid. 80 on the easy and 60 on the regular. *sigh* Okay, Village Idiot, lemme have it.

bsoholic said...

I didn't do so hot on either.

Fred said...

Maybe I'll finally have to try it.

kellywalters said...

how come I always seem to get here on tuesdays..

its odd..

Ariella said...

who the heck is
mommy_made_me_do_this_quiz, and she_made_me_do_this_2?

Doug, Bantu and Dave are at 100 on the easy quiz.

Bantu and she_made_me_do_this_2 are
tied at 100 on the regular quiz.

weirsdo said...

I think your readers should send in some questions. When you make up the quiz I do better because you and I have quite a bit in common, it seems.

Minka said...

I misses it. Bugger. It is wednesday morning and I just came...and all the fun is over...I am marking next Tuesday in my sceduler! That is for sure

Minka said...

What the heck...I did it anyway! Tuesday or no Tuesday. I stand at 90 in teh first and at 80 in the second one. The first question about the president thingy is just so unfair for non-Americans! I therefore give myslef an 85 in the final count :)

ariella said...

Monika~ Well done!!
And I take donated questions, if you'd like to give me a German or Icelandic one, feel free!

Minka said...

Interesting...I might get back to you on that soon!