Friday, January 20, 2006

Stuff Portrait Friday~ Wake Up!!

Your Lotions
Your Towels
Your Toothbrush

As you can see, I am a pretty low maintainance gal, really.
Unlike SOMEONE I could mention.

Oh well, we can't all be perfect.

Wondering about the SPF thing? Go see Kristine


As some of you may have seen, in the recent dog show,

a Portuguese Water Dog was oh so close to taking the group (Working Dog)

So, here are a few possible reasons why that gorgeous Porty got edged out.

Top Ten Excuses For Losing The Dog Show
10) Mistaken in assumption there would be chance to show off talent for drinking from toilet
9) Thought I saw that little chuckwagon
8) Bad idea going to Don King's barber
7) Caught in a lie claiming to be Cycle Two dog when I'm really Cycle Three
6) Shouldn't have picked Quayle as running mate
5) My lifelong battle with problem drool
4) During spelling portion, spelled "ubiquitous" with two B's
3) Didn't know that was the judge's leg
2) Money goes to trainer anyway, so let him stand naked in a carpeted ice skating rink and be touched by a stranger in a bad suit
1) Like me, the whole thing was fixed (Damn you Bob Barker, DAMN YOU)

(we acknowledge the David Letterman show for their contribution to this post)


Oaty and Rio said...

Yeah, those humans have way too many beauty products! We groom ourselves just fine, thank you, without all that fancy stuff. Hey, we can't help it if we leave cat and dog fluff all over the house, that's what the vacuum is for.
(PS I'm sleeping in the dogs bed again! Hee hee, Oaty)

Love Oaty and Rio

Sar said...

You know, I wouldn't have been surprised if the AF wrote this herself. Funny stuff!

lime said...

ariella darling.....i really think youneed to learn forgiveness in order to find peace. this grudge agasint bob barker is ruining you

sullen girl said...

I like the comparative pics :) Pretty creative! I played too!

Renee said...

I liked your SPF setup! Nice

I played:)

Charlotte in Pa said...

Low maintenance is good! Happy SPF!

Torie said...

Being high maintenance is not always a bad thing.

I played.
My Stuff

schnoodlepooh said...

Damn you Bob Barker.

Random and Odd said...

Digging the simplicity of your SPF.

THanks for playing...

mireille said...

"lifelong battle with problem drool" LOLOLOLOLOL xoxo