Friday, January 06, 2006

Stuff Portrait Friday

Jan 6th - Before and After
*Show me BEFORE
*Show me AFTER
*Your new favorite thing
Courtesy of Kristine of Random and Odd
Well, here it is before.

And here it is after, well mostly, still plan to change out the electrical outlets and get rid of the heinous carpet,

but this is the after...

for now.

Lastly, this is my new favorite thing.

After eight years it was decided to get a new bedcover,

with coordinating pillows even, ooooooo.

Now, wasn't that exciting?

Alright, one last thing,

Here is a picture Thing One found in an art book and drew.

Is he a genius or what?


Sar said...



And that's just for thing one's drawing! Kidding, it's all very impressive.

bsoholic said...

Great job on the walls!

Also, thing One's drawing rocks!

Breazy said...

I absolutely love the new wall color and Thing One has a talent there ! Happy Friday !

barefoot_mistress said...

Love love love the wall treatment! And that bedspread is soooo sexay!

Ameratis said...

Love the new color on the walls! The bedspread looks great as well. The AF chose good colors to go with your black coat :)
Thing one definitely has talent, you should see if he could do a portrait of you on the new bedspread...haha!

Happy Friday
The Imp

kellywalters said...

wow! thats really friggn cool!

I love matching pillows and stuff

Vajana said...

did you do that painting by yourself? It's gorgeous. Amazing what new paint can do, isn't it??

Your wee one is very talented, too.

Charlotte in Pa said...

Your room looks great! It's so much warmer looking now. Good job! Thing one's painting is great, too!

sullen girl said...

I love the color on the walls - very nice :)

I played too :)

lime said...

i'm stillwaiting for youto come paint my place:p and yes thing one is a genius! cool stuff

MilkMaid said...

Nice paiting, really warmed it all up!! Was it hard to do?

Your One's brilliant!

I played!

Kristine said...

great job on the sure warmed the room up! love love LOVE the new bedding! and your artiste? very talented :)

I played too!

snavy said...

When you are done painting at Lime's - come and see me!!!! :P

Very artistic young mand you've got there!!!