Wednesday, February 01, 2006

I've been tagged again

By the gorgeous and gifted Snavylyn

The rules state that I shall list the genderof my preference
and then
list 8 different aspects for the perfect partner.
I would prefer a MALE
1. Lots of thick lustrous hair, although fur is fine instead.
2. No fleas, that is just ANY species, ok.
3. Those with problem drool need not apply.
4. I am not picky about pedigree, but AM choosy about manners,
you're going to share that, right?
5. NO dummies, you should at least be almost as smart as me, and if you are smarter, be clever enough not to point that out too often.
6. Try not to live too far away...hear that CASPER?!?!
7. Must love to cuddle, matters of intimacy may be a problem (DAMN YOU BOB BARKER!!) but everyone loves to snuggle.
8. Must be a one-woman dog, THOSE kind of dogs are NOT welcome.
Not tagging anyone, but if it looks like fun, run with it!!


lime said...

i'm thinking this list works pretty nicely for any mammalian species

barefoot_mistress said...

Wow Ariella, your couch is very plush and green looking! :P

schnoodlepooh said...

Geesh Ariella, Baxter and Bailey BOTH qualify. How do you feel about TWO handsome boys - good hair, no fleas, no drool, Baxter even has a pedigree. Bailey is ... well... shall we say "mixed". But charming, and what a face. The boys can even turn on the manners when the mood strikes them. For you Ariella, we would give our all. lick lick wag wag

Sar said...

Lovely Ariella, with your charm and appeal you could have your pick of the litter, and with your hypnotic eyes, train them to become your dream come true.

Minka said...

And what a nice profile picture Ariella. I am sure there will be many applicants...they might be drooling after seeing you though!

snavy said...

Ariella - I so love a girl who knows what she wants! Great list!

And, Damn Bob Barker!!

DaMasta said...

I SERIOUSLY, seriously had a guy give me fleas once. Seriously.



bsoholic said...

LOL - too cute. Great list Ariella!

Fred said...

Well, I only meet six out of the eight, so I guess I'm out of the running.

Ariella said...

Lime~See? and everyone says bitches are demanding...
I think not!

Barefoot~ THAT is the one they won't let me sit on.

Schnoodlepooh~wooo hooo, and YOU guys are close!

Sar~ Thanks, that is the plan!

Monika~ Don't you say the sweetest things!?

Snav~ I can always count on you to see my point of view, you are such an understanding soul.

Damasta~ That is sooooo gross, I hope you got that taken care of, Chibby does NOT want to get fleas from you!

BS~ Thanks :-D

Fred~ Stop being a tease, you are already married, you lustrous haired hunka-man. But you can take the QUIZ!!

Sar said...

Ariella - could you ask the AF to come over, I've got a surprise for her!

Sar said...

Logo - hope the inspirational blog queen is feeling better!