Saturday, February 25, 2006

Our posse

Since stealing from Snav is my lastest thing, here is another idea from her, which she got from somewhere else, etc. The posse is to have 13 members. Here is our posse.
Wesley AKA The Dread Pirate Roberts and Princess Buttercup.
He has MAD skilz! She is not much good in a fight but she swims well and she is awfully cute. Also she does have perfect breasts, considering the shortage in the world that is nothing to sneeze at.
Kim Possible and Rob Stoppable The Alpha Male has a weakness for redheads and the Alpha Female has a weakness for charming neurotics.
Being animated they get to fudge on the rules of physics and such which is a plus.
Mr. and Mrs. Smith
They are a versatile couple, and work well together, not to mention their comedic value.
And better to have them in your posse than in your neighborhood.
Trinity and Neo

They have a simple style, not subtle, but certainly effective.

Charlie and Harriet McKenzie

She is good with a knife and he is quick with the wit,

can't leave them out!

Rin Tin Tin

Strong, heroic, oh yeah, babe, come join my posse!

Scooby Doo

He is a big ole dork, and a fraidy-cat to boot, but he is awful sweet, yeah, he is in.

Last, but not least,

Air Bud He is athletic, gorgeous, and a sweetheart.

I don't blame him for the shirt, it is not his fault.

There you have it, the posse!


lime said...

too cute!! great posse!

snavy said...


How could I forget Scooby Doo - I love him!!!!!

Great posse!!!

coacharob said...


Minka said...

And a posse is?
You just pick any 13 living things and make a list?
I wanna make a posse too, but I need to know what it is first!

Ariella said...

It is an american slang term.
Posse~ A group of friends or associates.

Usually people, but in our case included dogs.

weirsdo said...

Monika: Posses used to be vigilante groups who went after bad guys in the Wild West. Now they are gangs of youths, usually bad guys themselves.

Ariella: The German Shepherd is a good choice, I think. We used to have one in our family and she took very good care of all of us.

Blue said...

I was going to do this - but would be too much like copying after you took* Wesley & buttercup; Neo & Trinity & Harriet & Charlie from my not yet formed posse :-(

*as much as you can take telepathically from a person you have never met.

Sar said...

Logo, you amaze me. I couldn't come up with a cool posse let alone add such creative descriptives if I tried.

I'll settle for a posse of cool blogger buddies. Consider yourself part of the posse!