Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Trivia Tuesday! Oh, and Happy V-day.

For the true believers,

for the rest of you malcontents

Congrats to Lawyerboy for a perfect score last week!
Honorable mention must go to Doug for a 90, wow.

Thanks to those who contributed questions, especially Snav who donated quite a few in an attempt to make my quiz more female friendly.

Alright, here it is again,
your trivia quiz,
hopefully not too traumatic.
Happy Tuesday!


Minka said...

Alright...considering that I did not know squat, I did surprisingly well :)
And uh...V-Day is also an official organization of Vagina/Victory Day. A movement started by Eve Ensler with her publication of "Vagina Monolugues". Hmm this might have been too female or I should have waited until Thursday with this comment.
Waht the heck...I am sure you guys can handle it ;)

weirsdo said...

FEMALE FRIENDLY? I got a 20!! Can we drop my lowest score for the final grade? Please? I did better this week.

lime said...

ok 70, i can live with that. happy commercialized fuax holiday that gives us the only chance to demand chocolate from our SO

Karen said...

i GOT 10!!! :falls off chair:
who the hell is the AF!?!
{she asks laughing hysterically}

bsoholic said...

I got a 60, not too bad.

Happy unimaginative, consumerist-oriented and entirely arbitrary, manipulative and shallow interpretation of romance day! :P

snavy said...

I can live with a 70.

Even though we are only a month apart in age we are different chinese astrology signs - tricky.

barefoot_mistress said...

70% seems to be the popular score today. :P

Anonymous said...

Woohoo ! Hot diggity dogs ! I got a 70% and not only am I going to live with that I am going to take myself off and celebrate . I think that is the best I have ever done on one of your quizes ! Happy Valentines Day !

Doug said...

Topical and timely to be sure. With a birthday on Feb. 18th, I suppose today is really about your hubby, huh?

schnoodlepooh said...

V-day is a stupid day, unless you believe in PUPPY LOVE.

Kyahgirl said...

oh dear, not paying attention in class again. I got 40, I hope you're going to put the results on a curve.

happy ♥ logo and Ariella

mireille said...

Happy Valentine's Day to you, Ariella, and the Lovely Alpha, Logo. xoxo

Sar said...

Happy heart malcontent day, AF! And happy 4 day pre-birthday! That was an exceptionally funny quiz, I enjoyed it. Although, I did get the last question wrong and I am 35! Shameful. *sigh*

Karen said...

AF~ now that i know who you ARE, since i wez handicapped, i should be eligible to take the test over! {grin} Thanks for stoppin' by to 'xplain.

Blue said...

Hey I'm not on the bottom anymore - all thru sheer arse & guesswork.