Friday, February 17, 2006

Tomorrow is the birthday! AND... SPF!

I know some of you weekday bloggers will not be around tomorrow, so I thought I would start the party early.
Please have a piece of cake!
Since you can't really e-mail the AF a kayak... instead of that,
go tell her what you REALLY think of her.
Then go soften the blow here.
How dull are these?
The anal retentive Alpha Male strikes again.
The pots and pans.
Under the bed.
The stereo (that is the thing on the bottom on the top shelf).
There you have it, see, having tidy people in your life makes your cupboards BO-RING!


weirsdo said...

I'm not going to do the first thing. Probably your biggest fault is being too hard on yourself. What kind of birthday present would a bunch of insults be?
I did the second window though.

snavy said...

Yeah - I had nothing for the first window either.

Is that Pampered Chef I see in there.

And, yipeeeee -- less than a day till AF's birthday!!!!!!

lime said...

that nohari thing was funny. just so ya know. i picked ones that i thought were totally the opposite of what you really are for nohari. i was honest on johari

happy almost birthday!

lime said...

btw, what flavor is that van gogh cake? hehehe

Minka said...

Yummy, now that was a lush peice of Birthday cake!
I didn´t do the first window, cause I don´t know you well enough to insult, I did teh second wondow, cause I kno wyou long enough to have realized the good stuff. The bad is still in hiding;)
Happy early birthday!

bsoholic said...

Cool cake!

I couldn't do the first one either, those insults totally don't describe you.

I will do the second one now that I see others are doing that too. :P

Sar said...

MmmMmMmm *GULP* What do you mean you couldn't understand me? Just because I had a mouthful of delicious cake, jeesh!

I said, I skipped the first but did the second - talk about a piece of cake!

Happy b-day eve, Logo! (I just knew it was Saturday).

Tom & Icy said...

The cake looks goody goody! Let's party party party!

DaMasta said...


Am I the only one that did the first window? Dang. Oh well, I didn't want to, but you said to, and since I'm so obedient like that, I did.

Love ya anyways!

Happy Birthday!!!w000t.


barefoot_mistress said...

Happy Birthday Sear Heather!!! Hurray, I hope you are out having a great day, and that the evening is even better...woo hoo! XXX

logo said...

Weirsdo~ I wouldn't think of it as insults, more like aids to introspection. But thanks!

Snav~ Yes, it is pampered chef, a friend of mine is a dealer.

Lime~ One whole layer is all chocolate, just in honor of you.

Monika~ thanks, sweetie, I will try to keep hiding my worst ones from you.

BS~ You are a sweetie as well as a cutie, have some cake.

Sar~ You're so smart! Just never say you weren't offered the opportunity to tell me what you really think.

Tom and Icy~ Thanks for coming by and sharing some cake, party party!

Damasta~ you are awesome, smooches

Bare~Thanks babe!
and for the lavender, come today and smells LOVERLY!!

Kami said...

Analness is GREAT!!! ;)

I see stones!!!!

FutureFoodTVStar said...

I wish I had enough room to be boring.

I played.

ZuphChic said...

Nothing wrong with a little (and even ALOT) of anal retentiveness! lol