Saturday, February 04, 2006


I have no power,
darn the wind!!

Blogger hates me.

Leave me some loving,
I beg of you.
If nature and blogger
AND my friends
ALL turn against me,
I may have to cry.


lime said...

blogger hates me too! i can't view my own site!

snavy said...

Blogger has been screwing with me for days & frankly I'm sick of it!! and, sorry sweetie, I have no control over nature...yet!!

But you, you I lurve!!! Mwuah baby!!!

Lily said...

I'm late with the love but blogger had me tied up and gagged... I didn't enjoy it at all.


barefoot_mistress said...

Glad you got power back :D

Minka said...

Blogger has been a pain for days now. Yesterday when I published a post and couldn´t even open my site...I was pulling my hair. I had to go to sleep without seeing what I had posted. And I couldn´t even visit any og you guys...outrageous I tell you!

Sar said...

I've been having trouble too...grrrr!

Lots of lovin, Logo! *hugs & smooches*

Fred said...

Blogger has been biting me, too. What a royal pain.

schnoodlepooh said...

Don't cry. Blogger has been mean to us too. But the wind wasn't.

weirsdo said...

When Bogger is mean, I take it as a divine message to do other things I've been neglecting while on line.
I hope you chased a few deer for me.