Tuesday, February 07, 2006

It's Tuesday...again!

Wow, that just keeps happening every week, like clockwork or something.

OK, last week's winners of the Easy Quiz were:
Doug, the succinct and scrumptious,
Bantu, the Village Idiot,
and David, the clever and mysterious.

The Regular Quiz was won by:
The Village Idiot

So, congrats all around and HOPEFULLY
this quiz will shake up the scoreboard a little!
My thanks to the question contributors.

And here it is folks,


Come and get it while it's hot!


lime said...

ok, i suck. but it doesn't matter even when i don't suck i lose:-((

Doug said...

Wow, it's going to be a good day. Knowing the answer to two questions in advance and seven lucky guesses puts me at a personal best for pulling stuff out of the smoke.

snavy said...

When you write questions - your score does NOT count.

That being said --- I still sucked!!

barefoot_mistress said...

OK I did alright today........I keep forgetting to send in qs though.......or I might have done better!

Minka said...

I must protest furiously!*she announces loudly while pulling her hair*:) I scored 60!

a) there is a perfume called Naughty!
b) chocolate is not the best cure for PMS! Painkillers like Iboprofen do help me so much more than any amount of chocolate ever could! A very subjective question *shakes head in disbelief*
*furiously she turns away from the test, a slight smile in the corner of her lips suggesting she will be alright*

What do you mean? Me, a sore loser? Nope, never ever ...

Ariella said...

the chocolate answer IS subjective, and I just checked, there is a Tommy Girl Naughty Fragance, you are hereby awarded those points.
You have an 80.

Minka said...

thank you so much...I am smart again..I really had serious doubts!:)
By the way, there is another Naughty perfume, called Bisque Naughty! '
Oh, I just might have given two answers for people who wanna try later...sorry!
I hope they do the Trivia before checking the comment section.
"Think, Monika, think!"

Sar said...

Nevermind my lucky guesses...


*happy dancing*

Monika, I'm sorry but the PMS question may have been subjective, but it's still a no-brainer! ;)

Minka said...

Sar, I respectfully disagree :)
You can never ask a question like: "What is the best?" Everybody is gonna have a different answer. What is the best colour? I vote for Blue, doesn´t mean it is right or wrong though. Chocolate sticked out though, between all the other medical options and my instinct said...pick that one. But I couldn´t because for me-personally- A was the right option!
I meant my comment though more in a funny, slightly upset way than being utterly serious. I love taking these tests and tickle my brain a little ;)

Tom & Icy said...

No comment. *whine*

Sar said...

Monika - Yes I meant my comment in a funny way too, because of course you're right it's completely subjective. For me, personally, Advil works the best. But man does this chick crave chocolate!

Sorry, *TMI*.

Hey Logo - the caption contest is awaiting you & your rad gecko crown, c'mon over!

Blue said...

Hey guys,

I'm new to this - & I just made Lime second from bottom :-)

Have to object on the best cure for PMS - medically & old wives taley (not a word I know) the best cure is an orgasm.

Hope you don't mind me gatecrashing your quiz.


Breazy said...

wow I still totally suck ! LOL! Thanks for the fun !