Monday, November 21, 2005

Meme Monday

Wow, it is time to talk about me some more, you all know how I hate that.
My 101 things about me list includes the following.

23. I am ever so slightly clumsy.
24. I trip on stairs occasionally
25. I trip on nothing at all sometimes
26. I have been known to bump into stationary objects.
27. With my head
But I would like to point out that just means I fit right in around here. I am not the only one. The AM frequently bumps his head on cupboard doors which he somehow thinks is the fault of the AF. The Things only just barely manage to stay upright half the time. And THEN, the AF, iii yiii yiii...

Want to make sure everyone knows Monday is all about you?
Go see Robin.
Meme Monday is her stroke of genius.

In other news, I know a couple of my visitors are rock climbing enthusiasts. Here we see the Alpha Female doing the part of rock climbing she is least uncomfortable engaging in...mocking the climbers.

Below are two pictures of the Alpha Male doing his testosterone thang. Adrenalin is everything, didn't you get that memo? He also cooks and does dishes. Just don't ask him to sing.


Scott & Julia said...

Wow, rock climbing, very cool. It's been a while since we've done that. Do you climb too Ariella? Or do you just "guard" their sandwiches? ;)

Tom & Icy said...

Woof! My daddy Dusty is always running into stuff. And he gets lost in our own backyard. He's half blind, I think! But I love my daddy!

Mrs. weirsdo said...

The AM blaming the AF reminds me that I am the God-woman around here, because Dr. Weirsdo so often will say, "God, woman!" I now respond to this with, "Yes? You have a petition for Me?"

lime said...

areilla, at least you can blame it ont he whole puppy and rapid growth thing. what is my excuse? fun rock climbing pics, too

Doug said...

I am a clumsy former rock-climber. Not too many of us around.

bsoholic said...

Wow, rockclimbing. Too dangerous for me! Looks fun though.

barefoot_mistress said...

Happy Me Me Monday Ariella!

Jodes said...

I bump into things too.

DaMasta said...

I trip on air, and I bump into stationary objects quite frequently. My all time fav thing to bump into is doorways. Wonderful fun.

Lily said...

We have much in common Ariella... I hate it when nothing gets in the way!

Maybe I'm going through my second puppyhood

Ariella said...

Julia~I always get left at home now, dangle yourself off a cliff by your leash just once and you never hear the end of it (good thing they had me in the harness not by the collar).

Icy~ Not to mention the advantage you have at hide and seek!

Mrs. Weirsdo~ wow, the AF here simply refers to herself as "The queen of everything", I think you have her beat! Although she does tend more toward imperial than divine.

Lime~ You may blame the limelets, everyone knows the issues of the parents are the fault of the children, or...wait, did I get that backward?

Doug~ it is a self limiting populating.

BS~ The little bit of top roping the AF does it pretty safe, the truly insane stuff is done by the AM and his crazy cohorts.

Bare~ *smooches* thanks!

Jodes~ Admitting you have a problem is the first step, you are so brave *golf clap*

Lily~ Do you want to chew on furniture and rummage through the garbage when no one is looking?? Or is that just me?

FunkyB said...

I'm am utterly mortified when I trip over nothing. It's probably the most humiliating feeling in the world. I spend a lot of time feeling totally humiliated. The only reprieve I get from THAT, is when I smack my head onto something. At least then, people ask "Are you alright" BEFORE they break into fits of laughter.

bsoholic said...

I did a bit of repeling in the scouts, it was fun, but even then, I was still a bit nervous.

Ariella said...

Robin~ it is always best when they check before laughing their asses off, isn't it heart warming?

BS~ It isn't the falling that'll get you...

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