Friday, November 25, 2005

SPF~Rubba Dub Dub - Thanks for the Grub....Yay God.

Something/s/one that makes Thanksgiving.
Your Dinner
The Aftermath
Bonus Points: tacky centerpiece
Well, family is what makes Thanksgiving what it is.
Here are the elves in the kitchen.
Here are the other photo bugs trying to make sure this photographer didn't escape unpictured.
This is Diego, the newest member of the family.
These are the young pups with the patriarch, holy heck there are alot of them!
Food for 40 people takes up alot of room, but here is one view of it.
And this is what was left.
Now we didn't have a table that would fit all of us, so there was no centerpiece.
we got a gorgeous rainbow, so here.
It was better in person, but you get the idea.
Wanna know more about Stuff Portrait Friday?
Go ask Kristine, to whom we are all thankful.


Scott & Julia said...

Wow, looks like a great time! Did you get any leftovers Ariella?

Scott & Julia said...

And btw, that's a very pretty rainbow! It's been snowing here since Wednesday afternoon and hasn't stopped yet .. so I don't think we'll get to see a rainbow till April! Thanks for that view :)

Fred said...

Look at all those kids! No wonder you neded so much food.

I'll bet you're going to have some of the leftovers today. And tomorrow.

Thanks for the pics - they're great.

barefoot_mistress said...

Holy cow! 40 People? EEEK! I'll pass on SPF today......

Lily said...

Looks like you had a happy Thanksgiving! And with all those kids running around.. I bet you got a lot of scraps! Am I right?

Random and Odd said...

OMG! look at all those kids! it looks like my house on a daily basis!

How many of them complained there were no corndogs? hee hee.

Sharkey said...

Wow--what a spread! Hey, that sounds like it coulda been on your top ten list from the other day.

The rainbow is very cool.

snavy said...

Looks like you had a great day!! Awesome pictures!! Love the rainbow!!

schnoodlepooh said...

I hope there were some leftovers for Ariella.

Susie said...

Wow, what a beautiful family. And a rainbow beats a centerpiece any old day.

Caroline said...

Cooking for 40 people! Holy cow.

That is a good shot of the rainbow.

I played too!

Easy said...

40 people!! Holy crap!! Your people are nuts!!

Hope you got a giblet. :-D