Saturday, November 19, 2005

More reasons to love me

OK, for any of you who are completely oblivious, or very new to my blog - you should know I think I have a really awesome family. And that is a completely objective opinion, of course.
Here is Thing Two serenading me with How Much Is That Doggy In the Window.
(Hope they get him lessons soon, his enthusuiasm and lung capacity are awesome.)
Here I am with Thing One checking his lunch for freshness and, hopefully, flavor.
Despite my pointed stares and blatant hints I received for my efforts exactly one (1) apple slice.

And here are the snotgobblers posing in their hats from a friend in South Africa. They enjoyed the Rand, the hats, and the tea, but frankly, the candy was the highlight as far as they were concerned.

The sugar comas set in about 5 minutes after this pic, you can see the impending crash.


barefoot_mistress said...

....."Despite my pointed stares and blatant hints I received for my efforts exactly one (1) apple slice." LOL

Oh Ariella, that's just not fair! Perhaps if you got off the table, and pointed your stares from the ground, where doggies belong, you might have gotten two (2) apple slices!

That really is an adorable picture of you and thing ummm, one was it?

Doug said...

Ariella, sugar, don't blame yourself for the apple slice. Around here, that kind of effort would have probably got you a rib.

The Village Idiot said...

Those are absolutely awesome pictures, and the narration is perfect. Love the pic on the pic-a-nic table especially.

Have a great weekend,
the idiot

ps i'm now on try #2 with the verification. I'm an idiot

schnoodlepooh said...

Ariella, your two Things are very cute, but you're the star of the show. Apple slices are yummy, aren't they? You are adorable on the picnic table. You deserved two.

Ariella said...

barefoot~ Man, it is bad enough they won't let me beg at the tables in the house, can't I at least be free outside? Sheesh, you are so strict!

Doug~ Send your address, I am moving.

Idiot East~ Thanks to you, and have an excellent weekend yourself.

Schnoodlepooh~ Aw, thanks I like the Things, especially when they have apples, or bananas, or...

lime said...

that is a classic sernading shot and i love the glazed ver, pre-coma shot. hehehe

Fred said...

Love all the pictures, but the picnic bench shot is precious. What a big dog!

barefoot_mistress said...

Quiz quiz quiz!!!

bsoholic said...

Great pictures! The table shot is awesome though. Pictures are priceless.

Breazy said...

Thing One and Thing Two are adorable young lads . I absolutely love the first pic ! hehe

Scott & Julia said...

Wow, Ariella, you eat apples and bananas? Can you have a little chat with Kate & Opie? They hate all fruits and vegetables!

Ariella said...

Lime~ If only his technique was as perfected as posing.

Fred~ So funny, just the other day someone said I was quite a bit smaller than they thought. I am going to have to pose with a yard stick I guess.

Bare~ Sheesh, give a gal a chance!

Breazy~ They are nearly as cute as I am myself, it is true.

Julia~ I started out eating banana ages back, before I was done nursing! As to Kate and Opie, start them with filet mignon and work from there.

Kate & Opie~ ssshhhhh, if that works you two soo owe me big time.

BS~ Pictures ARE priceless but someone needs to tell Thing Two that silence is golden and tell Thing One that cute puppy tricks cost yummy treats.

snavy said...

Awesome pictures!!! Ariella - beautiful as always and the Things are so freaking adorable!!!

Is it really nice to call them "snotgobblers"? LOL!!!

Ariella said...

Snav~ thank you thank you, I do like the Things, as to referring to them as "snotgobblers" their Uncle Mike started that and although it is forbidden to use it in their presence they are occasionally referred to that way behind their backs.

Belinda said...

You were totally robbed. Delta's about your size, and she's already managed to snag several bits of popcorn chicken, weiner hunks, and at least half-a-dozen tater tots from Bella today. You are underappreciated. If this continues, hop a freight to Arkansas, baby.

Caspydoodle, the Standard Poodle said...

You are one overworked and underpaid PWD. You poor dear!

Ariella said...

Belinda~ Thank you, nice to know someone understands my plight.

Casper~ It is a trial, will you snuggle me until I feel better?