Monday, November 28, 2005

MEMEMEME~glorious me!

From my list of 101 things about ME!

1. I am black.
Portuguese Water Dogs do come in other shades. But I am your basic, gorgeous, raven headed beauty.
Here are some of my distant cousins sporting the other colors.

2. I am frequently discriminated against because of my race, or species, or something.

My people NEVER take me to the library or store, well, they do, but they leave me in the car. The only stores they ever take me in are pets stores. I like that, they have those classy "choose your own entree" areas like at fancy seafood places. Last time we were there I picked out an especially tasty looking hampster, but they wouldn't buy it for me. Anyway, I know they love me and all, but sometimes a gal can't help but feel she is getting second class citizen treatment.

I could go on, but you get my drift.
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weirsdo said...

Black is beautiful, Ariella baby! But that white one with the patch was very cute.
Sorry about the hamster. CHRISTOPHER experiences a similar speciesism when we deprive him of prey he has chased onto the porch and is torturing for our edification.

Doug said...

Willie and Walela sympathize also. Willie once spent an hour digging a squirrel out of it's den under a tree only to have the trophy repossessed. Walela has had more dead rabbits end up in the trash than the Manhattan Planned Parenthood Clinic.

bsoholic said...

It's a conspiracy! A government cover-up... something like that.

lime said...

if yucan get one of your humans to pretend they are blind and hook up a harness to you , you'll be allowed wider access....just a thought

snavy said...

Ariella - you are a true beauty but I would not have bought you the hampster either.

Ariella said...

Weirsdo~ Nice to know that CHRISTOPHER feels my pain.

Doug~Poor Willie and Walela, I think we need to start a movement.

BS~ Ya know, I hadn't considered it, but it just may be, gonna have to go rent that Mel Gibson movies and get some tips.

Lime~I understand a "Guide Dog In Training" harness would also work, negotiations are underway, believe me.

Snav~Thank you, but...not even one? even if it was really really tasty looking?

barefoot_mistress said...

Ohhhhh the little white one is sooo cute!! I want him!

Kyahgirl said...

You are by far and away the most beautiful of all PWDS.
The upside to waiting in the car, is that so many more people can stroll by and observe you in all your glory!

Breazy said...

your dog pics are beautiful !

Fred said...

Keep your black color. Don't get tempted to go blonde!

The Village Idiot said...

so..why does that one up from the bottom look like gerry garcia all he needs is a tie dye and you have it!

and ariella..basic black works for you!

The Village Idiot said...

have you built a shrine to giants kicker jay feeley yet? you really owe him something, you know.

the oi
(original idiot)

schnoodlepooh said...

You are a beauty, Ariella. I can't imagine anyone discriminating against you. I think that with your good looks, you should get anything your heart desires.

Doug said...

At least a support group.

Doughboy said...

Discrimination sucks ass. People who don't understand you suck too.

It's hard to do what you want to do, when you can't even go anywhere without all those other dogs barking at you.

Thanks for your comment, Ariella,
You are not a dog that other dogs should be barking at.