Sunday, November 27, 2005


In the middle of a difficulty lies opportunity.
~Albert Einstein

I would like to tell you the story of this boat. It was purchased by the AM about four years ago. After nearly ten years of persuasion he finally convinced his friend to sell him this boat. This friend is horribly plagued by seasickness and a virilent and pernicious form of packratiness (the inability to part with vehicles of any description, even those that make him violently ill).
He finally agreed to sell it to the Alpha Male just as the family was moving to Italy and so it was agreed the boat would remain lying in state on the back of his friend's property. After all, having spent the last 20 years exposed to the weather was another 3 or 4 going to make any difference?
And yet...we are now approaching the five year mark.
The AM named this cubic zirconia in the rough "Persistence" because of the long years he waited for his friend to agree to sell it to him. Now he waits for the trailer to move it and the time to work on it.
The Alpha Female has an idea for a new name, Obstinance.


lime said...

LOL. could we have a contest for naming rights? my hubby inssited on buying a shiny, power everything king cab truck a few years ago. we could not affrd this thing. it is also a prissy truck requiring heavy maintenance. he always names his trucks.. i claimed naming rights for this thing and dubbed her..jezebel. he stammered. but , but, but...jezebel was a temptress. i said yes, and she led her man into ruin.

barefoot_mistress said...

Thank heavens my husband just likes to collect c/d's!

Fred said...

Wow - I just collect things that fit on a shelf or a desk. And, it's usually cheaper, too.

snavy said...

Thank gawd my husband feels too guity to buy stuff for himself (big things anyway). Otherwise, we too would have a truck, a motorcycle and a gazzilion power tools. I do not consider the snowblower a splurge because I do not have to shovel anymore!!

schnoodlepooh said...

Nice yard ornament.

Doughboy said...

Funny posting... at least you can stack cars, hotwheels, bikes, baseball cards, etc. hard to move around and stack a boat. How about "Old Yeller" for a name??

logo said...

Lime~ Well, there is the Harley, his beloved manhoo..I mean, motorcycle which I named Dagon. He didn't like that name either. Picky, picky, picky.

weirsdo said...

What about "Folly"?

Breazy said...

My husband just bought a new bass boat about a week and a half ago . I didn't complain because my hubby never buys himself anything and when he does it is usually something he works with.

Tom & Icy said...

Boating is great! Good luck there! I just love to read your comments around on other blogs too. You guys are so clever for that sort of thing. I just find it hard to comment very well. I read you regularly even if I don't comment a lot. We like you all!

Ariella said...

Icy~Always glad to see your cute lil face. Tom, glad to know you enjoy even when you don't comment. Dog Daze was one of the first blogs other than those belonging to friends that I discovered and I always enjoy.

Breazy~ That is so cool!

Weirsdo~ I LOVE folly, and as a name too!

Schnoodlepooh, Doughboy~ thankfully the boat is in someone else's yard, or the pressure to fix or get rid of this monstrosity would be considerably higher.

Snav~ is that guilt available on-line? Can he get himself a bargain on some with ebay?

Fred~ SHUSH! He cannot have a shelf big enough for this thing, don't give him ideas!

Bare~ CDs are great, harder to waterski with though.

Lime~ Guess what he thinks he is going to need when the boat is fully operational? Yeah, you got it, a truck, and it NEEDS to fit four people and the beloved water dog, so OF COURSE it will have to be a king cab (sigh). Let's not get started with this topic.

Kyahgirl said...

LOL at this post! My girlfriend Dianen has a great big sailboat in her backyard because her husband had the same kind of boat obsession. Do you know where we live? in the middle of the friggin' prairies! When an AM gets an an Obstinant boat obesssion, it seems there is just no getting around it.