Friday, June 23, 2006

55 Flash Fiction

Susie, asked me to play hostess to the Friday Flash Fiction.
So here is the deal, if you want to play along, write a story with exactly 55 words.
You can leave a story in the comments here, OR, let us know you wrote one and we will follow your link to your block and comment on your clever writing there.
Hop around and see what everyone is doing, if you like.
Now, here are mine,
written on topic provided by Susie, Lime, and Lily.
Her engorged membranes throbbed, so exquisitely sensitive to the touch yet crying out to be rubbed again. Slowly, she raised her eyes and caught a glimpse of her reflection; red-rimmed puffy eyes and a crimson swollen nose. She tossed her sodden tissue toward the trash and reached for the box again. Oh no, empty again?!
There were indication of a variety of foodstuffs in the fibers, but springs and fabric remnants were not consistent with kitchen furnishings. Trying to establish the nature of the item was also complicated by the quantity of paper, bodily fluids, and clothing found within it. What purpose could be served by such a disgusting thing?
As he bent over his cash register he again felt a strange sensation. He ran his hand across his smooth scalp, half-expecting to feel moisture, but there was nothing. There was no way he could know that not too far away a woman with a voodoo doll and some whipped cream was thinking of him.

I asked for brave volunteers for the 5 question meme, I got two, and now here are your questions.
Feel free to answer here or take them and post it on your blog, as you please, ladies.

Five Questions for Minka
1. You have two weeks to travel to anywhere in the world, expense is no object, tell us your itinerary?
2. What is your favorite and least favorite thing about living in Iceland?
3. What parts of using English do you like and dislike?
4. How many hours have you clocked watching the World Cup?
5. How long IS a piece of string?

Five Questions for Pansi and Weirsdo
1. Weirsdo- If Minnie was no longer an issue would you want to go back into the teaching industry?
2. Weirsdo- What is something you do that makes life easier for you and/or your family?
3. Pansi- Many of an artistic inclination find they are more sensitive than other people. Tell us, do you find purple paint on your buttocks as irritating as sensible people would?
4. Pansi- What is your favorite network TV show?
5. Weirsdo- Cooking; necessary evil, or artistic outlet?


The Grunt said...

Oh, the, agony!!! You give good 55, Logo.

Sar said...

Fantastic Friday Fiction From Fabulous Friends.

Okay so you're not plural, but work with me here, I was on a roll. ;)

Happy Friday Lady Logo!

lime said...

love the archeological 55 hehehe. you're a genius. also volunteering for 5 questions :D

lime said...

oh yeah, my 55 is up too.

barefoot_mistress said...

Excellent, how long do I get to figure out the second one? I dont get it :D

Hey Im still here! Hee hee! I dont wanna go dont make me go...its 110 there......whine whine whine....

Ooh i cant help wonder what kindof qs you would ask moi....but then, you already know too much...that settles it! Youre gonna have to be taken out...too much imformation.....

OK people im outa here.....:X Write a good 55 or im sending Logo after yas!

LMAO at the whipped cream one..think I know who thats for. :D

snavy said...

And you are just the hostess with the mostess!! Good stuff! HGB's and ice cream are way better than a spider stuckto your toe. I so relate to the allergies!!

Logophile said...

Grunty~ Why...thank you, kind sir.

Sar~ Well, close enough, the topics I wrote were from friends, I like it. Alliteration works for me.

Lime~ A couch like that, even after marinating in dirt for a while is still a frightening thought. Glad you liked it though!
And your naughty lil 55 was quite fun! Thanks for volunteering, I will post them for you when I get them ready, and let you know.

Susie~ That is the one Lime requested, on the archeology of a frat boy couch. Have a good trip, and try not to get too hot!

Snavy~ I was just working with what she gave me (snicker snicker) I agree though, this week's is way more fun!

barefoot_mistress said...

dont make me go gf, dont make me go.....
It's 11 am, im going good at stalling, aint I?

Have a good weekend, babe! XX

miss_lissa said...

Hey cool! So we're here to play today. Love your flash fictions Logo and how nice of you to help out Susie.

Mine is up and it's late breaking news so...


Lily said...

you are a genius... you know that? now I'm trying to remember if I ever said anything to you about ice cream sundaes on a bald man's head because hell yes I've thought of it.. mmmmmmmmmm and mmmmmmmmmmm...

Logophile said...

Susie!! Go, now! The sooner you leave the sooner you get to the pool. mwah! have fun!

Miss Lissa~ What a great 55, I am so glad you are helping to spread the word about this, everyone should know about this, downfall of an international icon. Truly shocking and yet hella funny too!

Lily~ Girlfriend, great minds think alike :> Glad you enjoyed!

miss_lissa said...

haha glad you enjoyed Logo!!

Gave me a giggle writing it

Minka said...

Those are good questions, I will devote my Saturday post to them :) Thank you!

Kyahgirl said...

Logo-I'm always impressed by your flash fiction stories. Can you do one about the pattern in the lawn next?

Also, I'm looking forward to seeing the answers from Minka and Wiersdo/Pansi.

Doug said...

Great fiction and superior questions. Really perfect.

Logophile said...

Miss Lissa~ I bet. I enjoy writing them too, I always hope everyone else will enjoy reading them even half has much as I enjoy writing them.

Minka~ Can't wait to read your answers. I'll be waiting.

Kyahgirl~ Anything for you, sis! I am looking forward to those answers too. I think they are up early enough to catch then next edition of "Ask Pansi" I hope, I hope, I hope...

Doug~ Coming from a man who writes good fiction as well autobioigaphical gems I take that as quite a compliment.

barefoot_mistress said...

Hi girlfriend! Its 10 pm i just got out of the nice.....:P
Thanks for taking over this most important job!

Fred said...

Great questions, Logo. I can hardly wait to see the answers.

Logophile said...

Susie~ Anything for you, luv.

Fred~ It's Sunday and they have both posted answers, yay!

goldennib said...

I gave the 55 Flash Fiction a try.

Logophile said...

Goldennib~ Not only did you try, you excelled! Those were great.