Thursday, June 08, 2006

Birthday wishes to the esteemed elder sister

Here we see a picture of my siblings and I, Christmas 1977.
My older sister is one of the very few 3-D people in my life who have this URL.
She doesn't drop by too often, but occasionally checks up to see what sort of ridiculous antics her little sister is getting up to now.
Earlier this week the esteemed elder sister had a birthday.
There are many sappy poems about sisters, and entire books dedicated to discussing the topic.
I can do the topic no justice here, so I will simply say...
Sometimes I feel like no one knows me better,
Sometimes I've felt like you don't get me at all .
Sometimes you make me crazy,
Sometimes being crazy with you is the best fun ever.
No matter what,
across continents and oceans I've always felt you were there for me.
Friends by choice.
I love ya, sister mine.
Happy birthday, and here's to a great year!


Lily said...

Happy Birthday Logo's Sistah! What a sweet post!

and Logo dear... you look so ADORABLE!

vera said...

Huppy Burfday to LogoBogo's sistahfriend!


Egan said...

You're so clever. The 3-D thing is hilarious you know. I'm happy for your sister. Give her my best and when can I borrow that mower of yours?

goldennib said...

Happy B-day to Logo's sister.

Doug said...

Happy birthday, Sis in-blog

barefoot_mistress said...

Hey I need to borrow the mower after Egan uses it, and, can you send Thing One along with the mower to help?

Happy Birthday big sis, and hey, I have a big sis too, and this "pinch" for all the mean things you did to Logo because you were the oldest......

Tom & Icy said...

Delightful story!

The Grunt said...

Great photo, Logo, and happy birthday to your sis!

Egan said...

Barefoot, she has an awesome John Deere riding mower from what I understand. I can't wait to borrow that puppy.

G said...

Happy Birthday! Nice post, there is nothing like a sister and you've caught the feelings perfectly.

Minka said...

Wow, that is actually a very good poem that can sum sisters up quite well.
also: it is so easy to tell who in this picture you are! :) Those curls are a dead give-away!

by the by, I was born in 1977!

DaMasta said...

Heyyy..I'm 3D.. to me, I mean. I'm 3D to me. Hmm..

Happy birthday, Logoo's sis!

snavy said...

Happy Birthday Logo's sister!!!!

Dude - you made me cry! Hey, I do that a lot - tee hee!!!

Stealing some of that -- sorry -- quoting you.

Güggs said...

Happy birthday to Logophile's Sister.

My sisters are very important to me too.

Fred said...

Happy Belated Birthday! (Blame it on Blogger.)

Kyahgirl said...

Happy Birthday logo's big sis!
That was a nice tribute.