Thursday, June 15, 2006

An update from the Princess

Alright, to those of you who've been missing me...
I've been busy.
Don't pressure me with your petty needs.
Here, have a Totally Naked Thursday picture to make up for it.

Here is a picture of my Golden Boy, looks concerned doesn't he?

One of his kids is messing with his stuff.

NEVER a good thing.Here is my main Canadian man Casper, doesn't he look pitiful?

Poor thing, don't you just want to cuddle him and throw a frisbee for him?

Notice how he is lounging on the couch?

It took a while for his people to understand the value of allowing the pet on the furniture but he won them over, what a guy...sigh. Next we have one of the vicious interlopers from my yard.

"Come no further!!

Death awaits you all,

with nasty, big, pointy teeth!"

See how relaxed it is??

In MY yard??

And the Alpha Female forbids the chasing!


Lastly, just for you speciesists,

another one of those solarized HNT pics...sigh, ANOTHER ONE... Now I'll return to my busy schedule of being adored and napping.

Lovely to see you all again, try not to mourn my absence too much,

it makes the Alpha Female feel bad, she does her best.


Seamus said...

HA! Firsties!!!!!! Oh Ariella, tonight we "speciesists" pay homage to the Alpha F and her gorgeous legs - we'll pet you later! HHNT!

robmcj said...

The person who calls himself my owner has let me look at you and your friends. Princess, you're hot.

Imagine trying to interfere with your duties vis a vis the interloper! That's abuse! They wouldn't dare try that with me.

I never realised chairs where for us too. Thanks for the tip.

goldennib said...

Wow, there's an awful lot of lounging going on there. Can I join?

lime said...

ariella *sob* you're back! we've missed you, dahlink. lovely legs on the AF too. HHNT

Fred said...

Lovely pose. Such a princess.

Crystal said...

I am in love with your pooches.

Güggs said...

Maybe your dogs should meet my dogs. Mine are of quality (and by quality, I mean fun) upbringing.

The Village Idiot said...

I dunno about that golden...he looks suspicious

Lily said...

I have to say... you DO look regal perched up there like that. Stunning!

Happy HNT Ariella... and give a lick to the alpha for me

Ariella said...

Seamus~ It's ok, I understand. I always cruise for pics of Taylor first when I head over your way, the AF, well, that is a different story.

Robmcj~ Careful and systematic training, its the best way. Soon they realize they are happier when you get your way.

Goldennib~ Lounging is the best way to pass the time, extra credit for humans if they are in an elastic waistband.

Lime~ Aw, glad to know I have loyal fans.

Fred~ Thanks

Crystal~ Me too...sigh

Guggs~ Fun is the best pedigree.

Idiot~ He probably gets that from his owner, definitely a shifty guy.

Lily~ Why, thank you, my dear, and I've got the licking covered for ya.

snavy said...

Well hello Miss Ariella - how I've missed you so!!

Your AF is so sexy!!!

Egan said...

Give the dog a bone.

Minka said...

ok..we´ll try to pull down the pressure a bit.
Lovely pictures by teh way, you sure have a lovely gang of friends :)

Ariella said...

Snavy~ Thank you, gorgeous!

Egan~knick knack paddy whack

Minka~ thanks, you're a dear.

Sar said...

This place has gone to the dogs. And cute ones at that.

barefoot_mistress said...

Oh Ariella Ive miss you so much! Mwah! HHNT

Naughty K said...

Those are some great dogs indeed!

Casper said...

Dear Princess o' mine:

come nestle upon my couch so fine,

and listen to my heart pound for you.

don't go near that copper blighter

Or you'll cause me to moan and stew.

you are so hot in all your nekkid glory!