Monday, June 05, 2006

I want you, I need you

I have a passion,
bordering on obsession.
When I wake in the morning,
it is my first thought.
It consumes me,
it fulfills me.
It is always there for me,
always gives just what I need.

I do so adore my tea.
Hope you are having a happy Monday!


Lily said...

my first thought:


second thought:

Do I have any creamer?

brian said...

Sorry I have been away, not enough hours in the day,
a face you can trust,
is always a must,
if not,
brew a cuppa tea.

snavy said...

Tea for two?? May I join you??


I'm off the coffee 4 weeks. It's all about the tea now!!

Clinks tea cups ... scone?

Güggs said...

Happy Freakin' Monday to you too!


Sar said...

What no coffee?! What kind of American are you! :P

Belated cheers!

goldennib said...

Gosh, you got me so excited and it was just tea.

Kat said...


Candace said...

Ohhhhh! What's your flavourite?

barefoot_mistress said...

Oh man, and here I thought you meant morning sex! LOL


I'll have a cold diet coke in a bottle please:P

weirsdo said...

Couldn't have gotten through graduate school without it.

lime said...

if we are talking morning beverages, mine is OJ. ask my kids about the rampages that occur if you drink the last drop and leave none for me.

Fred said...

It was a great Monday. Blogger was giving me fits, so I mostly took the day off from blogging. Ahhh....

Logophile said...

Lily~ See, for me, the tea is first, get it started THEN run go potty.

Brian~ Aw, isn't that cute?

Snavy~ Definitely, come on over, for you I would even bake, cuz that's how much I love ya.

Guggs~ have some tea and cheer the **** up, mwah! You so sweet.

Sar~ Coffee comes later, but I gotta have my tea, gotta!

Goldennib~ Well, the other stuff is so outrageous I could be jailed in seven states for thinking about it, you think I am going to put THAT on my blog?

Kat~ Thanks

Candace~ Oooooh, well, now you have me started on a favorite topic. There is a black blend called Dreamzicle I love, has some vanilla and citrus flavors. There is another black called Creme brulee which is FABULOUS. I like rooibos too, in some blends, there is a red chai I get which is soo good. And then green in this pic is called Night in Istanbul, has some wonderful floral notes. I get mine from a tea shoppe here and they are not online at this point but their blends are to die for.

Bare~ Have a coke and a smile, the morning sex convo will have to wait for an IM.

Weirsdo~ It gets me through EVERY DAY, I totally get that.

Lime~ AAh, now see, I like the OJ, but it is optional. Tea is not optional. If I am somewhere I can't have PROPERLY made tea, I seriously miss it.

Fred~ I feel your pain, was mean to me too.

Blither said...

Tea Hee! You are a funny one Ms Logo!
Where's my coffea?

Candace said...

Those all sound soooooo good!! :-) I don't think we have any tea shops here. I should look, though.