Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Opinion Poll

This is an open poll.
Mr. Logo has grown largish mutton chop type side burns.
Local opinion vary.

What do you think?

Speak your mind.
And remember,
be honest,
this is for posterity.


barefoot_mistress said...

Oh please god no to picture two!

Sorry pal! :P

vera said...

Ehm. I think he's hawt w/o them! I mean, with them, izok... but w/o is wayyyyok!

Sar said...

Hmmm. I say lose the chops, keep the burns.

Now, Logo, assuming you're providing us with the standard obligatory dollar for participating in this personal survey of yours, I suggest we all pool our dollars and send Mr. Logo to the barber!

lime said...

no mutton chops, they went out just after the victorian era. tell him he can keep them only if he dressese in period costume every day.

Fred said...

Out with the chops.

Crystal said...


he should make the chops pointier, though.

but he's still a hottie.

barefoot_mistress said...

LOL Crystal...shhhhh!

Off with the chops, I came back to donate my dollar too!

The Village Idiot said...

He needs a big beer belly and a huge hog, a Bandido's jacket and several conspicious tattoos!!

mireille said...

Such a handsome man. Minus the sideburns. They either need a handlebar mustache (waxed so it points heavenward) to go with ... or not. But he IS handsome. xoxo

mireille said...
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mireille said...

that was me above. I lost control and said it twice. oops. xoxo

Lily said...

hmmmm... I dunno. I kinda like em. I think I'm with Crystal... make em pointy.

So how do YOU like them Ms. Logo?
wink wink
nudge nudge

The Grunt said...

Cool! I've always wanted a pair of those.

Kat said...

I'm not a fan of chops myself, sideburns are ok though.

Kyahgirl said...

I'm so happy to finally see the man who made you throw up with his declaration of love. And very handsome indeed.

I don't care for much facial hair so short sideburns would get my vote.

(I may be somewhat biased by knowing a very despicable someone with mutton chops in my youth

Blither said...

If he likes'em leave'em! It's all about what makes you feel good, Right?
Not what others think.
Live and let live.

Style- Everyone needs there own.

goldennib said...

How about a gotee instead?

Logophile said...

Susie~ Thank you, you have spoken the truth, I appreciate it.

Vera~ Yes, way more hawt without, I agree.

Sar~ I appreciate your generosity.

Lime~ YES!

Fred~ Have I told you lately what great taste you have?

Crystal~ He is pretty hot, huh? But the chops have GOT to go!

Susie~ Thanks, can I just subtract it from the postage I owe you?

Idiot~ Thank you, if he gets any more of the things on that list, I shall do such things, I know not what, but they shall be the terrors of the earth.

Mirielle~ It is your Birthday, so you are completely forgiven. I think just getting rid of them is the way to go.

Lily~ You need me to come over there and hum TV theme songs to you, is THAT what you are saying?

Grunt~ When I tie him up and shave them off, I will mail them to you.

Kat~ Good call.

Kyahgirl~ I'm with you, and isn't he fab? I'm rather fond of him myself. With the glasses you can't see but he has the most wonderful blue eyes.

Blither~ The blog poll was his idea, its always good to know what one's style is saying.

Goldennib~in addition, or instead?

weirsdo said...

LUV them!!!!! But shoud be died!!!! And I agree with the Villege Idiut about the rest!!!!!! Perple buttux are good to!!!!!!

snavy said...

Make it stop!! Scary flashbacks to the mid to late 70's!! Oh - the horror!!!

In case you couldn't tell, I am NOT a fan of the chops.

Now, about the sunglasses in the house????

Kyahgirl said...

pansi has really taken to the next trend in buttock eh? :-)

goldennib said...


Logophile said...

Pansi~Thanks so much for weighing in on the matter.

Snavy~ I was not left wondering if you were a fan, thank you for being clear. And not only did he wear them in the house, it was at night, cue the Cory Heart tune.

Kyahgirl~ Oh mah stars, Pansi is QUITE the trend setter, just wait till Mr. Logo sees the biggest fan of his chops.

Goldennib~ I am a big fan of the clean, freshshaven fave, but... a goatee is infinitely better than the chops, you are correct!

goldennib said...

P.S. Is it ok to mention that Mr. Logo is hot?

Logophile said...

Goldennib~ I don't mind at all and he positively encourages it.
Feel free!