Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Last week's quiz was won by
Le Idiot, well done!
Second place went to QL, and Minka, congrats!

Here is the QUIZ.

In other news,

These are our license plates from Italy.

They bring to mind flying along the A-1 at 100 MPH.

Good times, good times.

Here is Thing One reading his Kid's National Geographic,

it seems to mostly be about movies these days, I seem to recall it having more wildlife content when I was a kid. Course, I read it after I returned home from walking to school in the driving snow, uphill, with no shoes, etc. etc.

And next, we have a pic from the Saturday before last.

Mr. Logo took Thing Two for a ride with a local Harley group.

Thing Two was the youngest rider and was much admired and applauded.

His riding harness was also a big hit.


ALSO, I found my HOUSE in Italy!!

If you have, or get, Google Earth you can find it too.

IM or email if you are interested and I will give you the coordinates.


Also, I have 5 questions for Lime and Snavy, as they very obligingly volunteered to be interviewed.


1.Would you please tell us more about your duel with Gus?

2. What is your favorite thing about driving?

3. What have you found is the best part of blogging?

4. Have you used your Monty Python TP yet, are you going to?

5. So, when I come paint your ceilings for you, what colors are we doing?


1. What are your favorite kinds of sushi?

2. Are those hideous pink flamingo still in your yard?

3. When you come visit me what are the top 5 things we are going to do?

4. You mentioned a first kiss beside a pool, can we hear more of that story?

5. You have been chosen by the American voting public to pick the next president, who do you pick, and why?


The Grunt said...

Nice plates, Logo. Can you eat off of those?

goldennib said...

It's 50 again. I just love being in the middle.

Minka said...

House in Italy?
Can I come and visit?
Mr.Logo looks like a really good Dad!
And now I am off to do the quiz...where there ever magazines about other things than movies? How old are you?

snavy said...

LOL at my questions! I will work on my answers.

I'll take and fail the quiz later.

But ...

you were my 20,000 visitor last night!!

Yay you!!


Doug said...

Hahaha! Weirsdo is the first person I know to be the teacher's pet and the dunce's.

Congrats to QL and Minka. V.I. cheated.

You love to paint? When are you coming to Southern California?

Fred said...

Isn't Google Earth great? I found my house in the U.K. and it was pretty cool to see it. Just type in SL9 8AY and it's two houses to the left. The postal codes in the U.K. are so precise, it's amazing.

I'd love to see your house. Leave it here, or at tampabayfred@yahoo.com.

Great pics, too -- looks like we have a future motorcycle rider!

weirsdo said...

Glad you liked it, Doug.
Toyplayer loves NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC KIDS too. He likes to give me the quizzes about the animals.

Kyahgirl said...

I have to check out google earth now.

Your little biker is very cute logo!

I'm almost afraid to ask since you're my sis and all but could I please have 5 questions?

lime said...

wow, my best showing ever! i am obviously better with subjective stuff, lol.

next year can i go to the harley fest??? pleeeeease!

great qs logo...look for answers later this week.

The Village Idiot said...

Doug...rumors of the illegal propeller enhancing doping are greatly exaggerated... the random drug tests have come back as inconclusive, so as far as the general public is concerend, I won fair and square

Blither said...

Dog on Couch?
Boy on Floor?

I love your world.

Logophile said...

Grunt~ Um, if you really want to, I spose. We tend to use them for garage display purposes.There's no accounting for taste though!

Goldennib~ It is cozy there, innit?

Minka~ It was a rented place, not truly mine, just where we lived for three years. Mr. Logo is an awesome dad! That is a National Geographic mag, should be less about movies than most, I thought.

Snavy~ YAY ME!! 20,000, how cool am I? Looking forward to your answers AND, I am sure you will do quite well on the quiz.

Doug~ Do you spose that speaks to her universally appealing nature or the tastes of the teacher and the dunce? I do love to paint, I would only paint in Cali in the winter though. You spring for airfare and a nice hotel room and I will take care of all your painting needs. As for calling VI a cheater...tsk tsk, that's not very nice.

Fred-I found your house! And I emailed the location of mine, I do so love Google Earth. Both of our boys appear to enjoy riding, good fun for the whole family.

Weirsdo~ Thing One likes to do that too, he loves it when I don't know the answers.

Kyahgirl~ 5 questions coming up, probably tomorrow. Google Earth is sooo much fun. You can pinpoint exact buildings in most areas.

Lime~ woo hooo, you are right up there tied for the lead! You tell us when you can come visit and we will find an event to take you to, deal?

Idiot~ Inconclusive???

Logophile said...

Blither~ What?? Is that not the way it is suppose to be?
Ariella thinks it is perfect!

Kat said...

Hey, I got 60! Pretty good considering I'm fairly new to your blog. :)

As a matter of fact, I didn't know you used to live in Italy. And you know, I've never seen Titanic either. Just some bits and pieces.

Thing Two looks adorable in his riding outfit!

mireille said...

Your children are lovely. I also like your dog a great deal. But your boys look like they've been lifted out of a Harry Potter movie. All they need are the wands and *poof!* we're ALL gone! xoxo

Logophile said...

Kat~ yup, we lived there from 01-03. When I was told I HAD to watch Titanic I pretty much lost any desire to see it, so far I have managed to survive just fine.

Mirielle~ Thank you, they may or may not be magical but they ARE magically delicious (I nibble on them from time to time, that is how I know).

Oaty said...

I got 70%..pretty good for a cat.

BTW I made my mom barf today...left another half eaten bunny in the bathroom. Aren't I cool?

Logophile said...

Oaty!! Be good, dang it, Susie doesn't need that kind of help, sheesh.