Saturday, June 17, 2006

I have a confession to make.

Most of you who've known me
any time at all know
how much I value fidelity.
I take relationships and commitment seriously.
So it happened slowly that I realized my needs were not be met.
I was feeling marginalized, frustrated, isolated.
I know all relationships have struggles, and I tried work through them.
But then it happened,
I found someone else.
The rush has been amazing, I feel so valued.
But I can't just give up on what I already have.
I won't do that.
Some agreements have been reached.
I am going to stay here,
and have a piece on the side.
Sounds tawdry, doesn't it?
But really, it's for the best.
So I am going to stay with my first love, Blogger.
And when Blogger can't give me what I need,
I have a little SOMETHING ELSE,
to help me through.
We are all very content with this arrangement.
I hope you can find it in your hearts to be happy for us.
(There is a link right in the title box, head over for a visit anytime.)


Kyahgirl said...

Well, a girl has to do what a girl has to do. Be right over :-)

lime said...

you very naughty girl

snavy said...

Yay!!!! My powers were strong... you could not resist the force.


vera said...

i have to say... i was there in the beginning when all of this whore-ishness happened... i feel guilty for watching it happen and not saying anything... i am glad that an "agreement" has been met, though. i feel much better that everyone now knows the truth...
confessingly yours,

barefoot_mistress said...

you filthy cheap tart, and all this time I thought it was me that you loved.....I didnt even know about the other two.....

Be right over! XX

weirsdo said...

Betwean my Cave Troll and P-Doggy and all my other admirer's (espeshaly since I panted my buttux perple) I will take piece wher ever I can fined it!!!!!!!!!!!!

Daisy said...

I'm shocked!!!!! Shocked!!!!!!! There should be an Amendment to protect us from people like you!!!!! I am writing you're Representitives right Now!!!!!!

Güggs said...

tsk tsk. I too am tempted to cheat on blogger..for...myspace...gasp.

Lily said...


damn you're hot

barefoot_mistress said...

pansi said...
"Betwean my Cave Troll and P-Doggy and all my other admirer's (espeshaly since I panted my buttux perple) I will take piece wher ever I can fined it!!!!!!!!!!!!"

OK i'm seriously dyin here......ROTF


The Grunt said...

This is what happens when I'm not around that often. I've finally got my computer back but still have to set it up with a bunch of stuff--tomorrow maybe.

Logophile said...

Kyahgirl~ You were an early part of the inspiration. Glad you liked the byline over there.

Lime~ Will you still respect me in the morning? And will you buy me candles? (snicker snicker)

Vera~ Thank you for being there for me through the transition, you were a rock, you metal!

Bare~ You know you are the only textile artist for me.

Panasi~ You are quite hot with your purple buttocks, I can understand your popularity.

Daisy~ Don't be a hatah, hon, if feels this right how can you say its wrong?

Guggs~ Polyamory is great for me so far!

Lily~ Wanna curl up together on my velvet clueless couch and give each other hand massages?

Bare~ The Pansi is a hoot, is she not?

Grunt~ Without your guiding moral influence I have gone completely astray, but dang, it's FABULOUS!

Minka said...

You adulteress! :)

Lily said...

Will you paint my toenails and promise to watch for spiders?

Logophile said...

Minka~ aw, tell me you still love me, just a little?

Lily~ Pedis sounds great, the spiders...weeeeeell, can't we make a HBG take care of those for us?

Blither said...

I just bounce around were ever I'm feeling it.
I'm feeling wordpressy this week.

Melliferous Pants said...

I've been having the same, torrid thoughts...

schnoodlepooh said...

it's okay to have a side gig from blogger. if blogger would behave, then it wouldn't be necessary, but when blogger's bad... well, a woman has to do what a woman has to do.

is it okay to link you at this new place?

Logophile said...

Blither~ Blithers bounce? Awesome!

Pants~ It feels sooooo gooood.
Just say YES

Schnoodlepooh~ I am glad you are so understanding. Definitely, feel free to link it up!

Sar said...

Okay, you know you're behind blogging when you're late to learn one of your favorites has a whole new site! Damm...

Btw, I love the new colors here and at the color scheme at your new place. Looking good! I have a custom blogskin that's been in the works for awhile. Now I really can't wait to add it to Belle. :)