Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Happy Tuesday to you all!

Have fun.


Doug said...

That quiz was impossible! How do you list Norse goddesses without Minka, the dread deity of first comments?

lime said...

yes that q was too vaguely worded. i am alos wailing and gnashing teeth at missing a PB quote. i'll chalk it up to not being fully awake and being distracted by 2 10 yr old bopys wrestling next to me

Logophile said...

Doug~ What was I thinking? And impossible?? Dang, that is worse than usual.

Lime!! You were suppose to tell me that LAST NIGHT when I asked you!
Sheesh, and I am totally blaming the kids. You get a Mulligan.

barefoot_mistress said...

Well I totally bombed the quiz...I even got the Pansi q wrong..ack!

snavy said...

Wow - a 70%!! I'm good with that!

Sar said...

I got a 30. I "C" that I fared better than last week. ;)

Happy Tuesday Lady Logo!

goldennib said...

The first time I took the quiz. Fun stuff.

mireille said...

hey logobaby, I hear you don't feel well ... hope you're getting better! xoxo

Minka said...

A woman of many words today! :)
Hope you have gotten some sleep by now!
I´ll better move on to the quiz, norse gods? I know some of them...we have a special day for each of them. Mostly it is an excuse to get drunk, but we also get to taste really awful food. Ain´t life sweet?

Minka said...

Just came back from teh quiz and I knew the goddess! Thank goddess, otherwise I´d be thrown out of this country!

Thomas said...

Happy Tuesday to all, too.

Logophile said...

Bare~ Keep that cat away from the computer!

Snavy~ You ROCK

Sar~ You're a goof

Goldennib~ Yay, I am glad you came and saw and conquered.

Mirielle~ Thanks, mwah!

Minka~ The Norse goddess knew the goddess, I am not suprised. Well done

Gomas~ and many happy returns