Saturday, June 03, 2006

Would you trust these faces?

You shouldn't!
So far this weekend we have had:
1. A lost baseball glove
2. Nakedness the yard
3. Two screaming fights between the two of them
4. A lost child
5. One tenuous grasp on parental sanity slowly slipping southward.


chosha said...

And yet still one of them is armed...o_O?


barefoot_mistress said...

Everything else I can handle, but nakedness in the yard? By all means, unacceptable!


Run while you still can Logo, you can hide in my yurt!

Güggs said...

Love the weapon on Thing 1.

Would you like an alcoholic beverage?

Fred said...

Letsee, I have three girls, and I could have said the same thing about them 10 years ago.

It only gets worse. :)

Kat said...

Nakedness in the yard? lol.

Kat said...

Nakedness in the yard? lol.

Sar said...

So you're telling us life is not boring. Yay for that at least! :P

Hope you're having a great weekend amid the parental challenges.

snavy said...

All that and you still gave him a bow and arrows.....

The Grunt said...

Oh, those little things! You probably would have a real boring life without them, Logo.

gloria jean said...

Oh, it's so tough being a mom. Kids have no freakin' idea. Just think of the stories that you guys will get to share when they're having weekends like this with their own kids and all you can do is laugh!

Candace said...

Nakedness, LOL! Tell me about the bow and arrows!! My kids have been wanting to give backyard archery a try. Your house looks mighty clean!!

goldennib said...

I bet they come by it honestly.

Logophile said...

Chosha~ That is less my decision and more his father's. Thing One fancies himself a Robin Hood and is actually very good about only aiming at the target, so I am OK with it. He is not a bad shot either!

Bare~ Yeah, the nakedness of Thing Two and missingness of Thing One were the two that really got to me. The insanity hardly hurts are all. And yes, I would like two reserve four nights and three days at your yurt get-away.

Guggs~ Yes, I would love a beverage, in fact, several would be good, and maybe a night out.

Fred~ That was not inspiring, and it didn't even seem sympathetic.
Good thing we love 'em, eh?

Kat~ Its less amusing when its your kid.

Sar~Boredom? Nope, not a problem!

Snav~ Do you see the look on his face?? You gonna go try and get it from him?

Grunt~ Yeah, I know, I know.

Gloria Jean~ Good point, its mockery in the making.

Candace~ Thank goodness the neighbors can't see the yard, sheesh. He got the bow and arrows as a birthday gift from his dad. They were at an outdoor store, juvenile starter set, about $50 I think. He and his dad built a target shelter and they have a couple bails of hay in it. Good fun and the kids have been really good about respecting the safety rules.

Goldennib~ What are you suggesting??

lime said...

i disagree with susie, yard nekkidness is perfectly acceptible

Melliferous Pants said...

At least they didn't all happen at the exact same time, right?

Mrs. Weirsdo said...

Come on, Things. Get it together!

Kyahgirl said...

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Candace said...

Excellent! Thanks for the info!!