Tuesday, June 13, 2006

I have a bloggy pal named Candace.
She has a geeky rear end, and can kicks your (she tae kwon dos).
She mows in circles and enjoys AD...oh look, a chicken!
She asked me five questions which I have answered here.

1) When did you decide to homeschool your kids and do you remember what got you started thinking about it?
Well, I guess she outed me. For those of you who didn't already know, I homeschool, but not because I am a total hippie or a raving fanatic. Homeschool presented itself as the best possible solution to a difficult situation in Italy. Thing One was ready to start kindergarten our first year in Naples. The American school was an hour away by bus and all the kids, from kindergarten to high school seniors rode the same bus. Kindergarten was a full day capped off with ANOTHER hour on the bus. I decided that was not an acceptable way for my 5 year old to pass his days. He was resistant to learning Italian so the local school was not a viable alternative. Since I had studied teaching and had plenty of access to support and resources I started homeschooling. When we moved back to the states both of the Things indicated they would prefer to stick with homeschooling. We all three very much enjoy it and their annual test scores indicate that scholastically it is working out very well.

2) What is your favourite "classic" book?
The Count of Monte Christo, no, wait,
The Little Prince, no, maybe
The Scarlet Pimpernel, no, wait,
Persuasion, well, um,
one of those, or maybe....

3) If you could only choose 1 book - OK that's just silly. What book have you read the most times?
Too hard!! Well, if we are going merely by repetition probably the Bloom County comic collections, or the Far Side or Calvin and Hobbes. If you want actual books, well, that would be the works of our man Douglas Adams. He had a way of phrasing things that even though I know what is coming I still snigger.

4) What flavour of tea are you?
Dreamzicle, a black tea with a creamy vanilla flavor and citrus tones. It's called a designer tea, not your average, run-of-the-mill tea, thank you very much.

5) Gravity: yes or no?
By Coldplay? Yes
By Newton, only if I have to, but I haven't mastered the art of missing.
Maybe I need to go back to Greece and buy more souvenirs.

The quiz has been delayed for a week because the quiz writer is in the last week of school and a little busy and very distracted at the moment. Last week Weirsdo and Grunt tied for 1st, congrats! Second place went to Lime, Idiot, Doug, and Neva.
Many thanks to Weirsdo, Doug, and Idiot who donated questions, we will be seeing them next week. Feel free to email questions for next week's quiz. Ask, if you want to ask me questions, feel free, and if you want me to ask you 5 questions please let me know.


Güggs said...

Yes...to the Coldplay - Gravity reference too. Love the answers, Logophile.

lime said...

i just have one quetion....can you explain again howsheep's bladder can be employed to prevent earthquakes?

Logophile said...

Guggs~ Ah, you like, clearly an individual of superior taste

Lime~ Hon, earthquakes, the really good ones, are AIDED by the employment of sheep bladders, or modern day equivalents.

barefoot_mistress said...

What? You are NOT a total hippie? I dont want to meet you now!

That was very interesting but wait til they read my interview with you~ ahahahahahaha!

snavy said...

Thanks for the info!!

LOL at - Gravity - yes or no?

Egan said...

"Homeschool" is code for teaching your kids how to blog and instant message right?

Logophile said...

Susie~ I am only a marginal hippie, but I know you still love me.

Snav~ That Candace is a funny gal.

Egan~ I also instruct them in how to wait on me hand and foot, those are important life skills, dang it!

Egan said...

The Things are so obedient.

teacher's pet said...

Well, just when I was really frustrated because I couldn't decide if I was a hippy or raving fanatic, I found out I was FIRST on the quiz!!!!! HEAD of the CLASS *doing happy hippy dance like the raving fanatic I am.*
WOOOHOOOO!!!!!!!!! Peace, baby!!!! Way to go, teach!!!!
I'm off to make love, not war.

G said...

Logo - What can I say about a woman who home schools, mentions Social Distortion and used one of my suggestions for a 55 (that actually brought a tear to me eye)? I can say she's okay by me!

teacher's pet said...

P. S. We here at "The Pansi Files" always appreciate questions, especially from you, teacher!

Logophile said...

Egan~ nah, they just do a reasonable imitation.

Teacher's Pet~ You are a WINNER, way to go! You are a homeschooler though, it was just a matter of time. May I join you in your hippy dance?

G~ Social Distortion is fun stuff, eh? I loved your idea for a 55, a great mental image, practically wrote itself.

TP~ I will have those ready for you soon, thanks for volunteering!

Breazy said...

I think it is very cool that you homeschool . I couldn't tell you my favorite book either if someone were to ask because there are many . I hope you have a good day and I am sorry I haven't been commenting lately but the kids and church have kept me very busy !

The Grunt said...

Logo, I'm on the run, but wanted to say hi! I am at the library and it is cramping my style. I did a post, so it's still going!

goldennib said...

I could never have home schooled. I don't have enough patience.

Blither said...

Logo, Amazing!! Tea sounds Mmm Mmm Mm and More! I might even pick that over coffee (don't tell anyone).

I could pick one book, but then give me a day and I'd pick a different one :)

Thanks for Sharing Bella!

Minka said...

Uhh this seems like fun. I would like to receive 5 questions please! *stamps sceptre gently on the floor*

and I like dyour gravity answer as well. See it involves molecules...I am pretty sure and I don´t do molecules, so no gravity for me, thank you!

Logophile said...

Breazy~ Thanks, the book choices are hard, aren't they?? It is always great to see you when you have time but never apologize! You are very welcome anytime and there is never an obligation.

Grunt~ YAY, you made time for me even when stopping at the library?? You are awesome!

Goldennib~ Homeschool is a great way to create patients. (pun intended)

Blither~ It is a VERY good tea. I love the coffee too but tea is first in my heart. And the books, oh mah gosh, so hard to pick.

Minka~ Question are being generated as we speak, thanks for volunteering!

Sar said...

What no quiz?! And no kudos for my bottom of the barrell last place finish?! It's hard work, hard work I tell ya and I really stratergized for that 20 I tell ya! ;)

Happy last week of school!

Candace said...

D'oh! I didn't realise I was outing you. Sorry about that. Looks like everyone still loves you though. :-)

Your description of me made me laugh :-)Someday I'll put in on the flyleaf of my first published book, LOL!

Great answers! I loved reading them. Thanks for playing! :-)

Doug said...

Those were good answers. I liked "Gravity"

I'm officially against, although I generate a lot.

Fred said...

Interesting answer about the homeschooling. When we moved to the U.K., there was a waiting list for the American School we wanted. So, we were just about to start the process of getting everything in order to homeschool when voila! We got the openings we needed. So, we dropped the whole thing.

I've always wondered how it might be diffeent had we started to homechool the kids.

Seamus said...

Excellent meme!

Gravity? Perhaps you should simply master the art of hitting and surviving! ;)

Logophile said...

Candace~ How could they not?? :p
And I love to see my writing in print, even if it is only the flyleaf on someone else's book!
That was fun, good questions, I enjoyed it, thanks.

Doug~ Gravity is such a downer (groan)

Fred~ Mostly I think it is a very good thing, some days though...I wonder if boarding school might be a good option.

Seamus~ I probably WILL keep working on that, the missing is not working for me.

The Grunt said...

Hello again, Logo! I'm almost back, I think.