Saturday, June 24, 2006

The results of the poll

Mr. Logo, being above all things, a reasonable man,
took the thumbs down result of the blog poll with comparatively good spirits.
He has promised to shave his chops when he returns from the Harley rally he is attending with Thing One in Montana.
In the mean time, as a peace offering,
he brought me home a little present,
an outdoor table and chairs that I really like.
Does that man know how to make amends or what?

In other new, after his last game of the season ,

here is Thing Two, sporting his game face.

He asked me to take his pic, and how could I resist?


The Grunt said...

Sweetness! Getting nice stuff always makes up for having to put up with bad facial hair. Uh, I only know this in theory.

Susie said...

Hey! thats a really cool table.....your little tea sets will look cute on that..but when I get there, it had better be...oh you know, diet coke if before 6 and white wine if after.....

Congratulations, Thing One!!!!!

Minka said...

Those ar esome lovely chairs. It is good to have the ability to mak emen belive they ahve to make up for things :)
I hope they are never gonna realize that "infuriating females" is double coded in their DNA.

Kat said...

Adorable table!

Candace said...

Aw, your baseball star is so cute. :-)

Wow, darling table and chairs!! I think I'll force GuTtEr MuNKi to grow lambchops and shave them off. . . wait that wouldn't work if I forced him to, would it? :-P

Fred said...

I guess you'll keep your Hubby, after all.

Thing Two looks pretty sharp!

Logophile said...

Grunt~ I will totally buy that theory!

Susie~ How about Dr. Pepper at 6:00 exactly? Champagne at 9:05? There will be this really cute guy with no mutton chops who will probably make us fabulous munchies.

Minka~ Mr. Logo is very good at keeping himself out of hot water, or a bucket, as the case may be.

Fred~ Oh, heck yeah. He is a keeper, I have 16 years invested here, I'd shave him in his sleep before I gave up on the project.
That Thing Two is a cutie pie, it is true.

Kat~ Thanks! He picked out and everything and I love it, the man has taste.

Candace~ Isn't he just?? He was the youngest kid on his team and did pretty well, especially considering his dad was the coach! If you make your honey grow them and THEN want them shaved I don't know that you get the table and chair bonus, I'll have to consult the rule book.

snavy said...

I really like your new furniture!!

Thing Two is soooo cute!!!!

lime said...

mr. logo is a very amenable sort. does he give lessons?

Sar said...

We'll be expecting after pictures of Mr. Logo sans chops of course for proof our votes won't be wasted. No I'm not touchy about that subject, not a bit. *eh hem '00*

Love the table & chairs, and rock on Thing Two.

Logophile said...

Snavy~ I can trust him to pick out furniture AND clothes, what a deal, huh? And Thing Two is a charmer, it's true.

Lime~ I'll ask him about the lessons, he IS very amenable, isn't he? Almost makes the chop bearable, especially now that I have the count down going.

Sar~ Will photograph the clean shaven look upon his return and even during the shave if you like.
The pattern on the table is really great, hard to see in the photo and it came with a matching wrought-iron clock and the face matches the table top. Sigh, what a guy. Thing Two thanks you and shall rock on as you urge.

neva said...

i LOVE the table/chair set! it would look quite perfect in our own backyard... as for Thing 2? wa-a-a-y too too cute!

thanks for the great suggestion at the snarkish park today! i've posted it, and so far there have been some really fun/interesting responses! (i didn't put this link in to hijack your blog... i just figured it was an easier way to check it if ya wanted to and/or you were feeling lazy!) xo

and, before i go (in order to be *more* obnoxious than i've already been)... did i mention our neighbors have 3 (count 'em three) Portys? that they show? in fact they're in the process of creating an obstacle/agility course in their yard in order to train these fabulous critters! just thought i'd mention it... for no reason other than the fact that, well... we like dogs!

Logophile said...

Neva~ Previous to this table I only had a picnic table, which is VERY serviceable, but I am so pleased with this one, and the Thing as well, of course.
I read those, and thanks for the linky, was perfect. I mind links in the comments not at ALL, feel free.
And talking about Portys is NEVER deemed obnoxious around here! We have talked about doing agility or water trials with Ariella, just haven't made a commitment to it at this point. There is a good agility trainer here close though, so that might be the way to go.

The Village Idiot said...


did he buy the table as an appology, or an attempt to keep the chops?

Its a lovely set, and what a cute lil slugger you have

weirsdo said...

I guess he made the right decision, although I was really hoping he'd take Pansi's suggestion and dye them purple.
Nice table, chairs, and Thing.

Blither said...

Aww Lovely Thing Two.. Much cuter than my Thing Two (right foot).

Ooo Nice Table and Chairs- LUCKY!!!

Congrads with the Man! Montana, huh? Wave to Osbasso for me. hehe

Egan said...

Who taught that kid how to hold the bat? Thing Two and I need to work on technique. Someone must teach the kid how to hold the bat properly. Look how much he's "choking up" on the bat. He should really bend his knees just a bit too.

Logophile said...

Idiot~ He bought the table in an attempt to butter me up. It so totally worked too.

Weirsdo~ Occasionally he knows which way the wind is blowing.

Blither~ Those two are going to be sweating and their rear ends are going to be hurting, I do not envy them. But thanks on the table and Thing compliments, he is a mighty cute Thingee.

Egan~ That is not his bat, he doesn't use that one when he is playing, it is much too big for him, that is why he is all choked up on it. He was just showing off with it. And his knees are bent a little, the pants are just so big you can't tell

Scott & Julia said...

I need to ask Thing Two to give me some lessons :)

schnoodlepooh said...

Very nice peace offering. He's no dummie.

Logophile said...

Julie~ Feel free to ask him anything, he is pretty sure he knows it all, it just so endearing.

Schnoodlepoohs~ Nope, he isn't, see why I think he's a keeper?

Güggs said...

wow. what a very nice version of an olive branch. lucky you!

Logophile said...

Guggs~ Yup, Imma lucky, lucky gal!

Kyahgirl said...

This is great post.
Poor Mr. Logo, what is he making amends for? Having the hair? But he's cutting it off!
Nice table and chair set though. May you two find time to enjoy them!

Logophile said...

Kyah~ He made me a lovely adult beverage the other evening and we sat and enjoyed. Was just lovely.