Friday, March 03, 2006

Featured Items at the Existentialist's Cafe

list by E. Miller

Pasta cooked like hell
Pate made from a duck who hates you
Gnocchi and nothingness
Salmon in sardonic sauce
Tarte de despair
Creme de Camus
Le poulet is very bored tonight
Plate of butter

Yeah, maybe the family will just eat in this weekend. That sounds good.


A Little Bar of Soap said...

Perhaps you wouldn't be haunted by existential crisis if you ACCEPTED JESUS! It's not too late!

lime said...

LOL!!!!!! Ok, i am not coming for dinner this weekend:P shoudl we have a little talk with ivory soap up there?

snavy said...

Yeah... I'll think I'll find somewhere else for dinner too!!


bsoholic said...

Soup and crackers anyone?

Ariella said...

Soapy!! I am so glad you found your way over and deemed us in need of salvation, that is awesome!

Lime~ What? No pate made from a duck who hate you?? Alright, fine.

Snav~ Mmmmm, plate of butter, come on, are you sure?

barefoot_mistress said...

Susie runs in and saves the Ariella family from ivorys brand of salvation...spamming for Jesus? Acckkkkk
Come over tonight,guys, I'll make you Indian food!

Run! A huge bar of soap is coming after meeeeeeee!

Logophile said...

BS~ That sounds great, thanks.

Susie~ No no, meet lil bar of soap, she is sudsy-wudsy clean and we all know cleanliness is next to godliness, right? Fun blog, you should check it out. And Indian food? We are THERE!

weirsdo said...

Spaghetti and meatballs a la Sisyphus?

The Village Idiot said...

meatballs and siphillus? huh?

definEtleh stayin..ah say..definiteyl stay in

Breazy said...

herbal baked chicken with roasted red potatoes here tonight . Hope you have a good weekend !

Egan said...

Dogs are so smart and shit.

Sar said...

Any excuse to eat out, thanks Ariella!

Sar said...

And yes, soapy's a righteous gal!

Lily said...

mmmff... not feeling so good again. I like BS's idea of soup and crackers.

DaMasta said...

I didn't know a duck could 'hate' anyone.


Minka said...

I´ll have the Salmon in sardonic sauce, please!

Jonathan said...

Ok, I'm sorry but:

a) you can't have an Existentialist post without notifying the resident DOCTORAL STUDENT IN PHILOSOPHY!!!

b) ALMOST NOTHING on that list is actually RELEVANT to a discussion of Existentialism!!!!!

If you wanted something, you know, like Nietzche's Nachos, or Kierkergaard Kreme Puffs, or perhaps Either/Or Ice cream and of course Zarathustra Zabliogne, I might buy it.

c) Funniest Joke, EVAR:

These two Existentialist meet in a bar.

logo said...

1.) We don't send anyone notifications, it your job to get your ass over here and check. There is something new HERE every day.
2.) I didn't name the list, I just snickered at it.And Kant you enjoy anything without picking nits?!
3.) OK, that is pretty funny.

mireille said...

Gnocchi and Nothingness! LOL! *any fennel in there?* xoxo

Jonathan said...

I'm glad you liked the joke. I will say this: I actually came up with it. So far you're on the VERY short list of people who got it. I'm trying to get it widely known. perhaps it will be what they carve on my tombstone....