Friday, March 31, 2006

Well, It's Friday, are you having a religious experience?

Today, as it is the last day many of you will be blogging this week I wanted to share some of my favorites blogs and tell you why you might want to stop by. I enjoy many blogs, and everyone over in the list is worth a quick pop through at least, but I am going to concentrate on just 5 (even if you don't get mentioned, you are still loved).
First and foremost, we have Belle of the Brawl. This is a very important time to check out this fun, entertaining, thought-provoking, brawl-encouraging, community-building blog. When you go over there (right now!) you can vote for the best caption in a weekly contest that is featured on the right hand side (vote now!!). Yours truly is currently in the lead in the voting with my tasteful and demure caption for the photo of the week.
Vote now, polling software is standing by!

Offering some limited competition in the caption contest is The Village Idiot. Don't vote for him, my caption is better, but you should stop by his blog this week. He has been quite prolific and offering fabulous pictures of Seattle lately. This is no guarantee of long term quality or quantity, so get it while it's hot folks!

Can't forget to mention SWHAB, where a bunch of us Trivia-Madness-nuts-turned-bloggers all get together and enjoy being utter ridiculous. We enjoy it, hopefully you will too.

I also want you all to share my love for Ambrose Bierce of the Devil's Dictionary.
This love is best shared with Doug and the gang over at the blog called Waking Ambrose. Daily definitions provide opportunities to snicker, snark, or sincerely define, and a story on the weekends as a bonus.

Next we have The Fifth Circle of Cubic Hell.
This is the first blog I visited regularly because it was started by my Trivia Madness pals BS and Thomcat. 5th Circle now features Damasta as well, an amusing addition to the team.
OK, that about wraps this list up, hope you will pop over to a couple of those and don't forget to vote!

Hope your have a good Friday, whether you are thankful or not, and that this weekend you get to spend at least little bit of time doing something you don't hate, with people who don't repulse or anger you.


Sar said...

Hey thanks for the lovin, Logo, and way to rock the vote!

Village Idiot who? ;)

Breazy said...

Sounds like a plan ! I am on my way now .

bsoholic said...

word! thanks fo the shout-out! :D

barefoot_mistress said...

I want to see the photograph that you had to title!

Fun post, Logo!

snavy said...

Great blogs & great idea Ms. Logo!!!

Check out Bs's "ways to annoy people" -- omg - so freaking funny!!!

Happy weekend!!!

The Village Idiot said...

Aside from the shameless self promotion that I would never stoop too(vote for me) Logos blog(vote for me here please) is usually quite entertaining

DaMasta said...

Thanks LOGOGGOGOO for the props! We surely appreciate the bloglove!


The Grunt said...

Weekend! More blogs to peruse, joy.

Logo™ said...

Sar~ I really only mentioned it because of my esteem for your blog, really, it was not shameless self promotion entirely.

Breazy~ I saw your comment on Waking Ambrose! Fun spot, huh?

BS~ Any ole time, man, any ole time. That last post in 5th was gold!

Susie~ Go look! And vote...for me!!

Snavy~ Thanks, that IS a good post, always trying to share the good stuff, and um, ya know, you can go vote for me, if you want too.

Idiot~ Thanks, your Seattle pics have been awesome, keep being interesting if you can, please.

Damasta~ Keep up the good work!!

Grunt~ Enjoy, have fun!

Doug said...

Logo, that was kind of you to include me. I'm puffing out my chest and fluffing my ears now.

lime said...

good stuff good stuff. thanks for the hot tips and even the disclaimers, lol

Logo said...

Doug~ aw, come 'ere lemme scratch your ears, you cutie.

Lime~ You KNOW I love you! Good post today, and I am still considering, hmmmmmmm

Minka said...

Hey, I am a regualar at two of those blogs. One I always felt I wanted to visit but am fairly intimidated and I might give the othe rtwo a try. Happy friday to you too and a good weekend in case my connection doesn´t work;)

Logo™ said...

Minka~ No! Don't be intimidated, all are very welcoming and fun. Boldly go where no Germanic Icelander has gone before!
And you have a good weekend too.

Lily said...

"something you don't hate, with people who don't repulse or anger you."

sigh... maybe if I win the lottery.

Logo™ said...

Aw, Lils,
you should come over to my house, we will do massages and manicures. Mr. Logo will make us martinis and munchies and then go away, he is really good that way.
Come on, it'll be fun!

Teacher's pet said...

I guess my box of Godivas went astray and didn't reach you in time for the list. But I totally agree your picks rock. You are the prettiest and smartest teacher ever, and please don't blame yourself if I spend my weekend bitter and pouting.

Logo™ said...

Aw, poor teacher's pet,
I shall try to find a way to pull through if you do.
Funny lady, you made me snicker.

Egan said...

Schucky darns.

Logo™ said...

Egan~Did you really just say that??

Melliferous Pants said...

"...this weekend you get to spend at least little bit of time doing something you don't hate, with people who don't repulse or anger you."

I went to knitting club, woo! I save my hateful activities with people that repulse and anger me for my cubicle time!

Logo said...

Pants~ Always a wise choice! Hope your new week doesn't completely suck. As you can see, I believe in setting high goals.